The Future of Global Marketing: 2021 & Beyond




About the Webinar

Replacing our annual conference is a series of 3 pre-recorded seminars from industry leaders Google, Conductor & Beyo Global, launching October 2020. This, the second event in the series, focuses on the future of global marketing and features talks from Beyo Global’s Chui Chui Tan, and our very own Google Analytics guru, Jon Boon.

*This seminar is pre-recorded and those who register will be sent a personal link to watch on-demand when the event launches on November 4th 2020.

You’ll hear about:

How to Grow and Thrive in Global Markets | Chui Chui Tan, Beyo Global

We’re living through an unprecedented period full of unknowns, and businesses are wondering what they should do in each market. We can already see the differences in how people in different countries respond to the pandemic and how they react to their government’s decisions. How do you prepare for what’s coming next for each market?

This talk will challenge businesses to think from a different perspective by asking one key question – what won’t change or is unlikely to change? We will explore what this means and why it is important. Examples will be given to show how you can work out the unchanged variables for different countries and, most importantly, how you can use these approaches to grow and thrive globally.

Google Analytics for Global Brands | Jon Boon, SearchStar

One of the difficulties of working with a global and/or multilingual website is to decide on how to track it. Specifically, whether you should use one single Google Analytics property for the entire site, or one property for each part (language) of the website.

Analytics expert Jon will be sharing his experiences and the different approaches that he has implemented. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach, so he will look at the benefits and drawbacks of each. And, going beyond Google Analytics, Jon will look at how you can use Google Tag Manager to create a uniform approach to analytics across global websites.

Meet The Speakers

Chui Chui Tan

Founder and Director, Beyo Global

Jon Boon

Lead Analytics Consultant, SearchStar

Amy Budd

Client Strategy Lead, SearchStar