Women in Localization Dublin Event

wow3_dublinorganizersWelocalize recently hosted the Women in Localization event at our office in Cherrywood, Dublin. The evening event provided an excellent forum and networking opportunity for women (and men) in a variety of roles in globalization and localization, both buyer and supply-side.

Women in Localization was founded in 2008 and is the leading professional organization for women in the localization industry. Its charter is to promote professional development, networking and continuous education among its rapidly growing global membership. Grainne Maycock, one of the founders of the Irish section of Women in Localization, opened the event. She welcomed more than 35 attendees, which was hosted by Welocalize’s Barbara Frawley and Niamh O’Byrne.

The evening featured an exceptional panel of localization industry professionals who shared stories about their career journeys.  The participants talked about paths leading to their current roles.  Participating panelists included Annette Lawlor, owner of The L10n People, Anna Woodward Kennedy, operations director and co-founder of Chillistore Technologies, Chiara Pacella, language manager at Facebook and Ana Paez, vendor manager at Google.

wow1_gavinThis conversation is very relevant and important to professionals in the localization. As most will agree, sourcing great talent in the localization industry is always a challenge, it is important to empower the next generation with the right knowledge and skills to succeed at their careers.

An expression of this empowerment centered on the theme for the evening, “What would I tell my 22 year-old self?”  It was an opportunity to reflect, advise, share and collaborate on the opportunities within the industry for jobs and career advancement.

Prior to the event, Welocalize collected advice and thoughts from Welocalize women all over the world, to share with attendees and get the conversation flowing. The responses were practical, personal and often funny.

So, to all the 22 year-olds out there thinking of a career in localization, here is some expert advice from Welocalize’s global team of amazing localization professionals:

  • “Localization? Prepare yourself for one crazy ride girl!”
  • “No ambition is too big. Don’t let anyone tell you that you will not achieve something. With a goal, dedication and hard work, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.”
  • “Embrace change, welcome all opportunities to broaden your experience, listen to and learn from those around you and never underestimate the power of people combined with technology – anything is possible.”
  • “Always keep the faith and never give up no matter what! Ride the waves of life without fear and always look ahead.”
  • “Create lasting relationships because the people that you meet today can have a life-long impact and truly influence your life’s journey in a very positive way.”
  • “It does not matter what others think! Be strong young lady! Be you!”
  • “Try stuff! It’s going to be OK.”

And a resounding favorite…

Dear Me,

You are the best. Enjoy this most beautiful age. Be kind and be happy always as you are.


Me, from the future

The panel discussion ran over the allotted time and many attendees stayed late to continue the conversation, network and try some of the delicious desserts. There were many tips and tricks shared on how to maximize localization ambitions. Anyone, young or old, would have benefited from listening to the intelligent insights on how to have a successful career in localization. We posed the final question to the audience and panel, “What would you do differently?” and it gained some excellent responses:

  • “I would connect with people more and not just network. Establish more of a relationship than a handshake.”
  • “Know yourself! Your strengths and your weaknesses.”
  • “Don’t say sorry so much. Never start an email with sorry.”
  • “Don’t make statements that sound like a questions and require confirmation. Be positive in your ideas and opinions.”
  • “Don’t be afraid to push!”
  • “Your manager is very important. A good manager will really benefit your career and support you, if they don’t, move on. Managers don’t have crystal balls so speak up!”
  • “Hire good, talented people and allow them to do what they do. Then you will have a good team.”
  • “Sky’s the limit! Work hard and work more!”

wow2_networkingWelocalize was honored to host this engaging event, attended by some remarkable women who weren’t afraid to talk and share their stories and inspirations.

As a mother to a young daughter, I was inspired to see so many smart and ambitious women driving their own careers, aiming high and offering support to our next generation. Many thanks to the Women in Localization team and all the women who attended the event in Dublin!



Louise Law is Global Communications Manager at Welocalize