What Will Create the Most Localization Buzz in Vancouver?

518524019As the preparations for Localization World Vancouver intensifies, we take a look into our crystal ball and predict what we think are some of the most buzzworthy topics sure to top the list at the many Vancouver localization industry events this October including LocWorld, TAUS, AMTA and LocLeaders.

Welocalize participates in the industry events each year because it provides us a chance to meet with peers, colleagues and clients and find out what their expectations are in the translation and localization industry. It is important for Welocalize to be at the forefront of the industry, to learn, share and collaborate. We want to participate in discussions on any subject relating to globalization and localization innovation and listen to what clients need to be at the forefront of their industry!

Here are a few predictions for what we think will be creating a lot of localization buzz in Vancouver:


It’s time to focus on results. The localization industry events in Vancouver will be forums where vendors and localization buyers will be talking about how to align translation to business outcomes. How can we start demonstrating business success that is directly a result from all the work we are doing together?

Watch for advice on how people are achieving greater and faster speed and scalability on getting products to market, increasing sales and reaching new customers. Welocalize will share our experience of how companies are getting optimal quality for different content types, while increasing speed-to-market through automation – saving time and money.

Look for how LSPs and experts can help you measure and align the work performed to your business and corporate objectives. Let’s elevate translation beyond being just a transaction and demonstrate that how it drives the business forward through market expansion and by entering new geographies. It’s up to all of us to help businesses associate outcomes that result from localization and translation back to company boards and executive teams.


Another hot topic we expect to be hearing is how to measure return on content (ROC). What is the expected impact of the translation? Will it drive revenue, create a call-to-action, open a new conversation, educate a user, or increase awareness of your brand?  The impact should drive your decisions for time, cost and speed of your translation projects. Which content types have the highest impact on the brand? When should you accept “good enough” translations?  Is gisting OK for UGC?

The localization industry needs to be primed and ready to make their case for 2015 for defining return on content investments. Listen for the tips on how localization strategies change based on the content type, scale, voice, time and quality definitions.


No surprise that language automation and translation technologies will be driving a lot of conversations at the upcoming localization events. The whole industry is evolving and whether we look at content source analysis, translation memories or using hybrids of machine translation (MT) and post-editing, automation is here and demand is high.  In the cloud, online and fast – we want it all!  Translation automation is enabling high velocity and lower cost translations to meet the growing content demands.

We need to stay true to what matters most in translation. Content must be translated with the appropriate quality. It is up to all of the professionals, including translators, linguists, post-editors, engineers, project managers, developers and language automation experts to work together to move our industry solutions forward. Everyone wants great quality, faster and working within a budget. What must intertwine all the components together to meet the needs of today’s global businesses based on expected ROC and outcomes.

We predict process, technology and people will be the underlying themes to all these buzzworthy conversations.  How are we changing? What can we learn about where we have been? What do we need to do to move forward?

LocLeaders VancouverOur exclusive LocLeaders Forum 2014 in Vancouver will be a place for many of these buzzworthy topics, as experts and localization peers from global organizations gather to talk about “Scaling Up!”  On the table at LocLeaders this year are topics that include scaling your organization to meet demand, adapting new technologies and how risk impacts your localization decision-making.  Designed and led by localization leaders, this will be an insightful place to hear the most noteworthy buzz! If you would like information about this event, drop me a line at Jamie.glass@welocalize.com.

Hope to see you in Vancouver!



Jamie Glass will be in Vancouver for the LocWorld conference, October 28-31. You can follow her updates on Twitter @welocalizejamie and through #LocLeaders. If you want to catch up with her in person, visit Welocalize booth #302 or send an email. She will also be taking part in Welocalize’s LocLeaders Forum in Vancouver on Wednesday, October 29.  Welocalize will be participating in a number of panel discussions at the TAUS Annual Conference, October 27-28, held at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.  Our Language Tools and Automation team will be participating in the AMTA-2014 events October 22-26.

Click here to see a video recording of Welocalize sharing the value of LocWorld and why Welocalize participates in these great events.  The interview took place in Silicon Valley, October 2013.