10 Reasons Why Welocalize LocLeaders Forums are so Popular

As we gear up for a busy events season in the globalization and localization industry, many global business leaders will be assessing the right conferences to attend, juggling work commitments and managing travel budgets. Each year, Welocalize holds a number of exclusive LocLeaders Forums, which take place all over the world and welcome global brand localization professionals who are faced with the constant challenge of reaching new audiences and emerging markets.

The objective for all Welocalize LocLeaders Forums is to facilitate open discussion in a trusted environment with credible resources to share experiences about their global journeys.

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Some of our clients and industry colleagues choose LocLeaders Forums over other events, preferring the more intimate and less formal structure that is designed for open discussion and interaction. Many attendees even say attending a LocLeaders Forum have a therapeutic quality, often coming away from an event feeling better connected and energized with fresh, innovative ideas.

We think our LocLeaders events are awesome but it’s best if we share what 10 of our clients, past attendees and panelists have to say:

 “Welocalize LocLeaders is a great forum to share localization experiences in a focused environment. While the panels are great to get started on specific topics, what was the most interesting to me were the open conversations with the participants.” Stéphanie Schuh, Program Manager, Microsoft

 “The discussion at LocLeaders Berlin that focused on “creating a sphere of influence” is a topic that has never been addressed before at a localization event. TripAdvisor, the worl
d’s largest travel company has huge volumes of global content and we have to continually sell ourselves internally and promote the localization function to a variety of key stakeholders. I found the discussions extremely helpful and as a panellist, I was pleased to be able to share my own experiences.”
Lorna Whelan, Director of Localization, TripAdvisor

 “[At LocLeaders] I was delighted to see Welocalize put emphasis on Talent Management as an important pillar of their offerings. I believe that access to a persistent large and specialized pool of translators who are motivated and engaged with the buyer’s brand and the guarantee to always be able to assign the right job to the right individuals at large scale, match.com style, can be one of the most competitive assets.” Sergio Pelino, Localization Operations Manager, Google

 “The LocLeaders Montreal 2016 event hosted by Welocalize was an amazing opportunity to network with other clients and localization professionals, sharing experiences and troubleshooting common challenges with the industry.” Paula Hunter, Localization + Documentation Manager, Avigilon

 “The content and dialogue within LocLeaders raised lots of questions for me, many of which I don’t know the answers to yet. What I do know is that I am in a much better position to understand the full range of tools available to tackle the challenges localization throws at us on a daily basis and how my industry peers manage similar challenges.” Daniel Williams, Global Marketing Project Manager, Videojet Technologies

 “I was delighted to be invited back to the Welocalize LocLeaders Forum in Dublin as a panellist to take part in the day themed, “Expanding Your Global Reach.” It was a great day full of thoughtful discussion and great opportunities to network with my localization peers.” Karen Loughrey, Managing Editor, Spil Games

 “Welocalize LocLeaders is a great forum for localization professionals to share best practices and experiences. At LocLeaders in Vancouver, I enjoyed learning more from my fellow industry colleagues about their current organizations, key roles within those teams and future areas of focus for growth. I’m looking forward to next year’s event!” Nancy Anderson, Senior Director of Globalization, EMC Corporation

“The LocLeaders event gave me the opportunity to meet with globalization and localization leaders from a variety of industries and company sizes and provided me valuable insight into how to scale our globalization program at National Instruments.” Johan Eriksson, Localization Manager, National Instruments

“The LocLeaders Forum is a good place to contribute to future improvements of the localization industry.” Jenny Gu, Senior Localization Manager, Visier

 “During our discussions at LocLeaders, the panellists and attendees discussed where they were on their globalization journey.” Robin Granados, Localization + Translation Manager, John Deere

LocLeaders Forums often take place in the same city and during the same week as other major industry events including Localization World, TAUS events and tekom. This leverages and capitalizes on networking opportunities, keeps the conversation flowing between localization peers and colleagues and helps maximize travel and event budgets.

 NEW! LocLeaders Forums – Local

Welocalize has introduced a new LocLeaders Forum Local event series which are regionally focused. LocLeaders Local events take place after the working day, offering the same quality discussion within a condensed timeframe along with a relaxing Welocalize hosted dinner. You will see more LocLeaders Local events added to our events calendar – watch this space!

Upcoming LocLeaders Forums 2017:

LocLeaders Forum London – Local: Welocalize is hosting our first ever LocLeaders Local event in London, held at the BAFTA 195 venue in the heart of the West End on May 18, 17:00-21:00. For more information and to register click here

LocLeaders Forum Barcelona: A full-day of discussion and networking will take place in Barcelona, Wednesday, June 14, 09:00-15:00. Venue to be confirmed. To register click here

LocLeaders Forum Silicon Valley: SAVE THE DATE Wednesday, November 1, 2017

LocLeaders Forum Germany – Local: SAVE THE DATE Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Welocalize is proud to create a forum and environment where global brand localization leaders can discuss a wide range of topics from globalization scalability, predictive analytics, localization models, effective multilingual digital marketing, global brand management, translation automation, quality, in-country reviews, translator recruitment, measuring return on global content and much more. If it impacts global business, LocLeaders Forums covers it.

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