Welocalize Top 10 Trends in Languages

Welocalize has prepared their annual report of top languages and word counts for 2013. The report is the result of analysis of our total translated output of more than 694 million words in the past calendar year – nearly two million translated words a day, in 127 languages.

Welocalize Top 10 Trends in Languages

  1. We see further consolidation in top 20 and top five languages. The top five account for 32% of total words translated (270 million words).
  2. This consolidation is even more evident when we look at Park IP Translations, a Welocalize company, where 42% of total word count comes from translation into the top three languages: Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Latin American Spanish.
  3. Japanese remains our top language with 65 million words translated into Japanese, Welocalize-wide.
  4. Simplified Chinese is not far behind, growing from 58 million words to 64 million words from 2012 to 2013.
  5. If all English locales were considered together, English as a target language would be ranked #6 with 36.5 million words. Of these, 28 million words were translated into US English in 2013, with German and Japanese the top source languages, at over nine million and five million words, respectively.
  6. Korean is trending strongly with 36 million words in 2013, a 20% annual increase.
  7. Brazil and Russia continue on an upward trajectory. Brazilian Portuguese word count grew more than 20% over 2012, eclipsing German, while Russian is up to 34 million from almost 30 million in 2012, an increase of 13%.
  8. Arabic is on the rise, edging Iberian Portuguese out of the top 20 at more than nine million words, a 13% increase.
  9. Turkish counts jump from #16 to #14 with a 40% increase in word volume in 2013 over 2012.
  10. South East Asia is rising in the patent world and this is clear in languages trending upwards for Park IP Translations, a Welocalize company. We see Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese in Park IP’s top 20 with Park IP Indonesian representing 50% of the total Indonesian word volume for all of Welocalize.

The following infograph provides a recap of the 2013 Words and Languages full report.

Language Infograph 2013 Report FINAL

For further information or questions about the Welocalize report, contact us at marketing@welocalize.com.