Welocalize Office Exchange Program

By Lauren Miller, Organizational Development Manager at Welocalize

Welocalize Lauren MillerFor the past few years, members of the Welocalize Executive Team have traveled to our global offices to share our strategy and gather feedback.  We call this our Welocalize Roadshow. A piece of common feedback expressed during this year’s roadshow was the value in collaborating with co-workers face-to-face and the benefits of visiting or being visited by members of other offices.

Collaborating means more to us than getting together in a conference room and conducting a meeting. At Welocalize, it means relying on one of our core values, Global Teamwork, which starts with trust and ends with business results. The nature of the localization and translation industry is such that most of our colleagues are spread across the globe and collaboration mostly happens virtually.

We wanted to know what would happen when we removed some of the challenges of global and virtual teamwork and created an opportunity for employees to purely focus on building trust and delivering results. The Welocalize Office Exchange Program launched in mid-2013 out of our employee’s desire and pursuit to make Global Teamwork a strong value.

Employees from around the globe participate in this program in order to focus on the essence of collaboration. We are excited to be able to share these experiences with you. We will share our stories and personal accounts from Welocalize people who have crossed boundaries to build trust and deliver results.

Team Members Stories:

Welocalize Office Exchange: 4,519 miles from Seattle to Dublin —  http://www.welocalize.com/welocalize-office-exchange-4519-miles-seattle-dublin/

Welocalize Office Exchange: Heiko Travels 4,928 Miles from Germany to China —  http://www.welocalize.com/welocalize-office-exchange-heiko-travels-4928-miles-germany-china/

Welocalize Office Exchange Program: 4,850 miles from Tokyo to Portland — http://www.welocalize.com/welocalize-office-exchange-program-4850-miles-tokyo-portland/

Welocalize Office Exchange Program: 636 miles from Portland to San Francisco — http://www.welocalize.com/welocalize-office-exchange-program-636-miles-portland-san-francisco/

Welocalize Office Exchange Program: Jo T goes to China — http://www.welocalize.com/welocalize-office-exchange-program-jo-t-goes-china/