Welocalize Office Exchange Program: A San Franciscan's Journey to Dublin

Monique DublinBased in San Francisco, Monique Nguyen is a Business Development Manager at Welocalize. She recently spent a week at the Welocalize Office in Dublin, Ireland. Her exchange took place during the biggest event week for the localization industry in Dublin, including Welocalize LocLeaders and Localization World 2014 We asked Monique to share her recent experience.

What was your goal over in Dublin?

We are a global company, so there is great value in someone from the US Business Development Team traveling to Europe to find out more about how we service our clients from other locations.  It is important to learn and exchange best practices.

What did you do while you were visiting Ireland?

I mainly spent tidublin sunriseme at our Dublin office, meeting and talking to coworkers. While I was at the office, the Welocalize Executive Roadshow took place so I was able to really take part in some of the discussions and learn more about our senior management and team members based over in Dublin. I also met with our clients by participating in the LocLeaders Forum 2014 “Reaching Impact” event and LocWorld, which took place at the Dublin Convention Centre.

What did you learn through the Welocalize Office Exchange Program?

  1. The Welocalize office is a strong, sustaining engine that contains people from ALL departments. It was eye-opening to see the high caliber of staff, from every department, all in action and all in one place.
  2. Having everyone in one office is great for teamwork, collaboration and continuity for our clients. It’s like a complete organization.
  3. At the Roadshow, they had an “Executive Speed Dating” session, which was great fun. I learned that Eugene McGinty, our COO, has 300 sheep!
  4. From a business development point of view, the practices over in Europe are the same as US.  It is customer first and always!  We all share a drive and focus on customer intimacy and innovations like SEO and our operational readiness to meet all our client needs – today and tomorrow!

image (3)What was your experience like at LocLeaders and LocWorld?

It was my second time attending the Welocalize LocLeaders Forum and Localization World Conference.  I also attended the 2013 Silicon Valley events and both events were similar to their US counterparts. There was a good, interesting mix of clients and vendors which provided a robust dialogue.  I thought it was pretty interesting for clients to hear from vendors and get exposure to the whole localization supply chain, in addition to strengthening the dedicated relationships that we have with our European clients.  You can read all about it in the LocLeaders Dublin 2014 event magazine.

Did you try anything new?

Yes, Guinness! I heard that a Guinness a day is a good for you so I tried a few pints of Guinness with my colleagues. It was good!