Welocalize Office Exchange Program From Dublin to Japan

Based in Dublin, Genara Rodriguez is Welocalize Deployments and Program Support Manager. She recently spent a week at the Tokyo office as part of the Welocalize office exchange program. In this blog, Genara shares her experience.

What do you do for Welocalize?

My role at Welocalize is Deployments and Program Support Manager. My team manages the training and deployment activities for a variety of processes that support the needs of Welocalize Technology Solutions such as machine translation (MT), GlobalSight TMS and client and vendor portals.

Why did you want to take part in the office exchange program?

It is a fantastic opportunity to experience work and life in an unfamiliar place. Tokyo is very different from Dublin! I wanted to meet some of my colleagues and help share best practices.

What was your main goal?

To spend as much time as possible with our colleagues in Japan, to better understand their accounts, roles and processes. In addition to this, I wanted to gain a better understanding of how our technology impacts their day-to-day roles. Furthermore, I aimed to provide and deliver as many training sessions as possible on a variety of technology solutions.

What did you learn on your exchange?

After organizing up to four training sessions a day covering a wide range of topics including general inductions, product demonstrations for GlobalSight, our MT solutions and other Welocalize technology solutions. I learned that my colleagues in Japan already have good expertise on these tools and solutions; however, we were able to share time-saving tips and talk about maximizing efficiency. The open discussions allowed me to better understand my colleagues’ challenges and I could address some of these by adding to our overall tools roadmaps.

Did anything surprise you?

How generous people in the Japan office were with their time. They were all really looking forward to meeting me which made me feel so welcomed to our Tokyo office.

Did you learn something new about the local culture and company?

Many of those working in our Japanese office have been with Welocalize for many years and you can see that connection and experience with the localization industry and company, both in and out of work.

What would you say about your experience overall?

It was incredible to have the Japanese team proudly teach me about their work and culture. They were so open to learn from me and find out more about my work and other activities in the Welocalize Dublin office. I have come back more enriched!