Welocalize Office Exchange Program from Cheshire to Germany

SaarbruckenRachel Forshaw is an Enterprise Program Manager at the Welocalize United Kingdom Headquarters in Cheshire. She heads up a team of Project Managers who look after various global clients. Rachel recently took part in the Welocalize Office Exchange Program and traveled to our office in Saarbrücken, Germany, to better understand the language translation processes and meet the team.

The team at the UK office has been working with the some of the team based at our German office for a few years now. For one of our large manufacturing clients, we send a lot of technical content through to the in-house Welocalize translation teams at Saarbrücken, for French and German. So I wanted to visit the teams to understand the day to day challenges they face working as a translator. The trip also gave me the opportunity to meet key people located there and hear first-hand about how they are set-up and what processes they follow. At the end of the week, I was also able to visit my client’s German office.

Before I had even arrived at the office, one of the first things that struck me on the exchange was how beautiful the countryside is in this part of Germany. It seemed a long time since I lived in Würzburg during my university days. The train journey down to the Welocalize office from Frankfurt gave me the opportunity to be reminded of the scenic landscape.

Once I had arrived, it was fantastic to meet Welocalize team members including Antje, Sonja, Marie, Anja, Tanja, and Anika. Everyone was so welcoming and really appreciated the chance to talk with me to see how we can improve the processes and communications. It gave me a real insight and I think we all felt at the end of the week it was great to have this closer communications and understanding of each other. The team were also kind enough to invite me out and so a few of us enjoyed a nice meal on my last night at a restaurant in the main square in Saarbrücken.

Visiting our client in Germany was also massively valuable and part of a wider initiative this year for me to visit the various client’s marketing offices across the globe. Engaging with these local offices, who handle the client reviews as part of the translation workflow, is key to our language quality program and review process improvements that we have set for this year.

Overall, my time at our Germany office was productive, valuable and personally enjoyable. It was fantastic to be able to make personal connections with colleagues and get an understanding in to how our translation processes work in another office. We accomplished so much and I can’t wait to go back.