Welocalize Office Exchange Program: 6,730 miles from Beijing to Boston

2013111617_andover&boston 010Eva Zhi is a Senior Project Manager and Team Lead at Welocalize. She is based in the Welocalize office in Beijing and manages a team of PM’s. She recently spent a week in Boston as part of the Welocalize Office Exchange Program. She tells us about her experience.

Why did you apply to the Exchange Program?

My team of PM’s work on some of Welocalize’s major global accounts. These accounts are handled out of the Welocalize office in Boston. We are in such regular contact, I wanted to strengthen relationships across the virtual Beijing-Boston team.

Tell us a bit more about what you do for Welocalize?

I’m a Senior Project Manager (PM) and also a Team Lead. 70% of my time is focused on PM work for clients and the remaining 30% is spent of team management. For example, assigning a new China PM to a new account in Boston, load balancing team members and sometimes figuring out and resolving issues.

What surprised you the most about working in the exchange office?

Everyone was so helpful and hospitable! It wasn’t easy for me to get a taxi back to my hotel but it didn’t matter as my colleague gave me a ride every day. Plus, I was surprised that most people drive to work rather than using a bus or subway. The traffic in Beijing is quite bad so we tend to always use public transport.

Did you try anything new?

Boston Lobster! Delicious. I also learned that chicken can be put into a salad. It seems we only have vegetable or fish salad in China.

How do you think the business will benefit from your exchange experience?

We were able to discuss Operational Excellence (OPEX) and see how we can optimize the localization process for our major client accounts. We discussed and agreed actions. I believe we will now work even better on these major accounts after our face to face discussions. It was certainly a worthwhile trip.