Welocalize Office Exchange Program: 636 miles from Portland to San Francisco

welocalize_portland_oregonLocalization Project Manager Marilyn Hayes is based at the Welocalize Portland, Oregon office. After being accepted to the Welocalize Office Exchange Program, she spent one week with her colleagues in sunny San Francisco, California. Marilyn recently returned from her trip and Louise Law asked her about the experience.

What do you do at Welocalize?

I’m a Project Manager for two of our biggest clients, both huge global brands. I work daily with the client, our PM’s in China and the translation vendors to make sure all translation projects are delivered.

Why did you apply for the exchange program?

I really wanted to meet my fellow teammates – both within Welocalize and within the client teams.

How did you feel when you found out you’d been accepted on the program?


Did you eat anything new?

Yes. I tried oysters for the first time, they were delicious!

What surprised you about working life at the San Francisco Office?

The atmosphere at the Portland office is very laid back. For some unknown reason, I thought San Francisco would be more hectic but it wasn’t, it was really laid back too.

What two things did you learn?

I learned A LOT more background history about my client accounts, plus we worked through the upcoming workload. These two things help me understand where we are now with the client and how I can best meet future goals. It was great having face-to-face time with my clients who I’d only ever dealt with before over email.

How will Welocalize benefit from your exchange experience?

Simply getting to know who I work with, Welocalize and the clients, adds to our team dynamic. I feel like we are more on the same page. I learned more about how Welocalize works, our goals and strategy and although I have said it before, I got to understand my specific accounts better. It’s all about the client at the end of the day.