Welocalize Office Exchange Program 5,078 Miles from San Francisco to Dublin

andymAndy Mallett is a project manager at Welocalize for the Language Tools Team. She is based at the Welocalize office in San Mateo, California. Andy works regularly with a team in the Dublin office. Keen to meet her colleagues, she applied for the Office Exchange Program, got accepted and hopped on a plane bound for Ireland. She gave us answers to a few questions we asked about her experience.

What do you do at Welocalize?

I work as a Project Manager (PM)  for the Welocalize Language Tools Team. My role covers all main PM tasks and includes coordinating machine translation (MT) assessments and conducting productivity tests.

Why did you apply to the Welocalize Office Exchange Program?

A lot of the Language Tools Team are based in Dublin and we are on opposite time zones. Sometimes, we only have a few hours that overlap each day. Visiting the team in person gave me a chance to spend time with my team as well as meet with other Welocalize teams that we work with on a regular basis. I was also able to meet up with a local client. It gave me and the team the opportunity to have longer, sustained discussions about important issues that sometimes don’t get addressed when there are immediate production issues.

What surprised you the most?

Although I know how many people are based at our Dublin office, it still surprised me to see how busy it was in the office! I was told it was an unusually busy week. I loved how lively the office was and almost every division of the company represented in person. The energy was great.

a full irish breakfastDid you try anything new whilst you were in Dublin?

Yes, meat! I’m a vegetarian but some things you just have to try, like the full Irish breakfast – even the black pudding.

What two things did you learn from your trip?

First, the history of the entire localization industry could be told by the people at the Welocalize Dublin office. The institutional memory is amazing and exciting.  Second, if you arrive at Dublin Airport at 2am, the only place open is McDonalds. (Not very Irish)

How do you think the business will benefit from your exchange experience?

A central theme for this exchange was to find ways to position our team as a more accessible shared service in 2014. The Welocalize Language Tools Teams hopes to better educate internal teams so we can then go on to communicate about what we offer and why it is so valuable. This will develop relationship with existing clients and those new clients who are looking for Language Tools solutions.