Welocalize Office Exchange Program: 4,850 miles from Tokyo to Portland

ritsuko1Ritsuko Yoshimura is a localization project manager at Welocalize based in our Tokyo, Japan office. She recently took part in the Welocalize Office Exchange Program by spending one week with her colleagues at the Portland, Oregon office in the US. Ritsuko shared her experience with us in a quick-fire Q & A about her long-distance travels.

What do you do at Welocalize?

I am a project manager, looking after our localization clients. I have been at Welocalize for three years.

Why did you apply to take part in the exchange program?

I have wanted to see how people at the other office work for a long time. It was a good opportunity to meet them directly.

In one word, how did you feel when you found out you’d been accepted on the exchange program?

WOW! With a little bit of high pressure.

What did you do in Portland when you visited the Welocalize office?

ritsuko_with_wl_teamI had meetings with my colleague Matt, who I deal with on a daily basis, and other members of my team. It gave us all an opportunity to exchange opinions, see how we can improve the way we work and be more efficient.

Did you eat anything you would not normally have at home in Japan?

Voodoo Donuts! Very curious.

What two things did you learn?

  1. To automate and eliminate manual processes where possible.
  2. My US colleagues come to the office very early and they work from home when necessary.

I really appreciate that Welocalize provided me with such an opportunity!