Welocalize Office Exchange: Heiko Travels 4,928 Miles from Germany to China

01_Beijing at nightHeiko Messeringer is a Language Project Manager for Welocalize and based in Saarbrücken, Germany. He recently flew over to China to visit the Welocalize offices in Jinan and Beijing as part of the Welocalize Office Exchange Program.  We asked Heiko about his recent experience.

What do you do Welocalize?

I work as a Language Project Manager. So, I am taking care of the localization life cycle for clients, including linguistic work. This starts with analyzing the hand-off information and ends with the delivery.

Why did you apply to go to this office as part of the Welocalize Office Exchange Program?

As we receive the bulk of our work from China, I wanted to see how things are done at these two locations. I also wanted to share information on our processes.

In one word, how did you feel when you found out you were accepted on the program?

Happy! :-)

What surprised you most the exchange?

The offices in Jinan and Beijing are so huge! There are two floors in the Beijing office.  It is very different from our office in Germany.

09_Tasty foodDid you eat anything you would not normally have eaten at home?

If I did, I’m not aware of it as I could not read the menu. I should answer this with I ate “everything”. I don’t usually eat such tasty and spicy food when I’m in Germany.

What did you learn in your experience that you didn’t expect?

I thought that people would not be so vocal and would not ask questions during the meetings and training. I was wrong….I was asked some great questions when I presented to the teams. I really appreciated the interest and enthusiasm from all the teams I met in China.

What are two things that stand out in your visit?

Never trust the traffic signal when you cross a street in China!

We have very nice people in our company.

How do you think the business will benefit from your exchange experience? 

More appreciation and understanding between the offices in regard to the work being done on both sides. We may be nearly 5,000 miles apart but now we feel much closer.


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