Welocalize Office Exchange: 4,519 miles from Seattle to Dublin

kaitlin_irishKaitlin Seymour works for Welocalize and is based remotely and at the Welocalize Seattle, Washington US office. She works in Welocalize’s Global Vendor Management group, recruiting and qualifying new translation teams. Kaitlin recently flew 4,519 miles across the Atlantic to spend a week with her close colleagues at the Dublin office in Ireland.  Here are details she shared about her experience.

Tell us a bit more about what you do for Welocalize?

I help find and recruit new translation teams and QA (quality assurance) testers. I also help vendors with any issues they may have.

Why did you apply for the office exchange program?

I applied to the office exchange program for several reasons. First, I have worked in the vendor management group for three years now as a recruitment specialist; however, I have never met any of my team members, apart from my managers. My manager has recently changed so I thought it would be a good way to have some face-to-face interaction with my new manager and meet my team. I also wanted to see what the working experience is like in other Welocalize offices.

In one word, how did you feel when you found out you were accepted on the program?


What surprised you most about your trip?

The thing that most surprised me about working in the Dublin office was more people come up and have conversations. Dublin is one of Welocalize’s largest offices so you can really collaborate face-to-face. Most of conversations I have at work are via Skype and set up on a schedule.

dublinstreetDid you have any new experiences whilst you were in Ireland?

I drank a fair bit of Guinness, of course, and lots of cappuccinos – they’re heavily caffeinated in Ireland! I learned about Gaelic Football and watched the football finals in a pub with my manager and her family and also learned some fun Irish sayings.

How do you think Welocalize will benefit from your exchange visit?

In my role, I don’t tend to go to the other offices. Even when you’re use to working remotely, it’s still nice to have that face-to-face interaction and connection. It’s like a bonding experience when you get to spend work and leisure time with people you deal with every day.