welocalize merges with avantix global

Boston office and expansion in Beijing added to the Welocalize platform

Frederick, Maryland USA – March 10, 2011 – Welocalize, Inc., the on-demand translation leader, today announced the merger with Avantix Global. With its headquarters near Boston, Avantix Global is a specialized provider of translation services and translation technology. This merger adds great people, a Boston office and expansion in Beijing to the Welocalize platform.

“I am excited about the future of the industry and our merger with Avantix makes our future even brighter. Their experience and innovations will bolster our vision for our company and the industry,” said Welocalize CEO, Smith Yewell. “Welocalize is building an innovative, on-demand translation platform, and we are working with more and more of the best people in the industry.”

Avantix has a long history of providing superior translations and on-time deliveries. Key to their success has been an unsurpassed commitment to customer service and putting clients’ needs first.

“We have partnered with Welocalize in the past on several large engagements. We like the company and we’re familiar with the business model, objectives, teams and processes – there is very good compatibility,” states Ethan Ding, Managing Partner in charge of Worldwide Operations at Avantix Global. “We are thrilled about the technologies and the resources that Welocalize brings and the possibilities that come with the next level of growth.” The combined experience between the two companies will further expand Welocalize’s ability to offer on-demand translation services to customers anywhere in the world.

“I am proud of the Avantix team and the innovative technical solutions we have developed that enhance the globalization supply-chain,” said Richard Maher, Avantix Global Sales and Technology Managing Partner. “This merger marks a timely transition for Avantix Global to combine efforts toward a larger vision built for sustainable growth and success. The combined company will benefit from a greater network of expertise, a broader portfolio of services and expanded presence in key international markets, particularly, the on-demand translation space.”

About Welocalize

Welocalize offers integrated translation services and products to support the need for on-demand translation. We provide globalization consulting, translation, localization, testing solutions and enterprise translation management tools that are optimized to be able to deliver on-demand translation in over 100 languages. With over 450 employees worldwide, Welocalize maintains offices in the United States, Germany, UK, Ireland, Japan and China. Please visit www.welocalize.com for more information.

About Avantix Global

Avantix Global specializes in building programs for the global launch and maintenance of products and content for the Desktop, Cloud, Web and Mobile Devices. Avantix has a long history of providing superior translations and on-time deliveries, however, we know the key contributor to our success is an unsurpassed commitment to customer service. Our clients stay with Avantix Global, and they tell us it’s because we always put their needs first. Avantix Global operates full-service solutions centers in the US, Europe and Asia. Talk to one of our Solutions Staff about building a custom program for your globalization needs.

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