Welocalize LocLeaders Forum 2013: Amazing Transparency


Jesper Sandberg is Managing Director of Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd, STP. As one of Welocalize’s strategic vendors, STP was invited to take part in the annual LocLeaders discussion forum, which took place on 12th June in London. Here’s what he thought….

For two years in a row, Welocalize has invited STP to attend the Welocalize LocLeaders event. We feel privileged to be invited to such an event, and we’re not aware of any other Multi Language Vendor (MLV) that hosts such an event forum and invites key vendors along. As one of Welocalize’s strategic vendors, we gain a huge insight into the entire supply chain and get an understanding of the challenges also faced by the end clients; how they view and tackle the localization process. This all enables us to explain to our translators why there are such tight deadlines, budget constraints and the reason why certain tools are used.

On the reverse side, Welocalize’s top clients had the opportunity to question us about how we work within the supply chain and how their decisions affect us on a daily basis. Some interesting discussions included: Ramping up during busy periods, consistency of translator/reviewer, MT, Quality Scoring metrics and CAT tools/TMS.

This year’s event was hosted in the heart of London on the 28th floor of the Millbank Tower, which offered amazing views over London! There were 26 attendees from Welocalize’s global clients, 14 Welocalize representatives and 3 of us from the supplier side – a perfect combination for lively and educational discussions.

I was amazed at the transparency offered by all attendees and it really encouraged people to get engaged. We welcome the opportunity to attend similar Welocalize events in the future.