Welocalize Latest Client Survey Results

Welocalize is committed to listening to our clients and understanding their priorities and how we can best service their global journey.

Twice a year, we conduct a Welocalize Client Satisfaction Survey to gather valuable insights and measure our performance by the values associated to a Net Promoter® Score (NPS)*.

The results from the latest survey are in and we are excited to announce it is our highest in our history of conducting the NPS surveys! Our current NPS is +41

A Net Promoter Score is calculated through one question: “How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?

We also gathered valuable information in our latest survey by asking what types of localization and translation needs each participant is planning to outsource to a language service provider in 2017. This question is important in helping Welocalize to further innovate and develop solutions to meet our client’s diverse and growing language service requirements.

In the survey, here is the list of the top 10 needs for localization and translation being outsourced to LSPs in 2017.

#1 – Marketing and Branded Content
#2 – Technical Documentation
#3 – Web Localization
#4 – Software + UI Localization
#5 – Legal Content
#6 – Audio + Video Translation
#7 – eLearning and Courseware
#8 – Linguistic Review and QA
#9 – Mobile Apps
#10 – Transcreation

You can participate in the survey here and get a full report to see how you benchmark against other industry buyers.


*The NPS methodology is used across all types of industries and business sizes by asking customers a single question to predict repurchase and referral by rating how likely they are to refer to a friend or colleague. Based on the responses, answers are categorized as promoters (rating 9-10), passives (rating 7-8), and detractors (rating 1-6). According to Reichheld (creator of NPS), the average American company scores less than +10 on the NPS. These values can alter based on culture and industry sector.