Welocalize is a progressive company…

Raymund Prins is the founder and director of Global Textware, one of Welocalize’s key vendors. We asked Raymund why he likes working with Welocalize and what he thought about the vendor summit.

How long has your company worked with welocalize?

We have a long term relationship with welocalize – over 10 years. Our core language pairing is English-Dutch –we also offer German and French into Dutch and all three into Flemish.

Why do you like working with us?

I consider Welocalize to be a progressive company, aiming at the future of translation and working on today’s developments to get there – especially interoperability! And of course, it provides a good feeling if your client has an open mind in discussing daily issues, which Welocalize does.

Was this the first time you attended the vendor summit?

No – my third. It is quite unique for an event like this to be organised for vendors – I like attending. I like the focus on efficiency and the willingness to share ideas and technology.

How was it this year?

This year, it was a superb vendor summit, I enjoyed every minute of it. What I like the most is the spirit and energy that it generates, feeling like taking home so many ideas that I instantly want to share over here – and most of all develop and implement them right away.

Did anything really stand out?

A great keynote address by Olga Blasco (Senior VP, Supply Chain & PBUs at Welocalize). I got new angles on some of the PM issues we’re facing and some surprising new ideas on improving the workflow to reduce PM time and cost.

Who was the most interesting person you spoke with?

I’m not going to reveal this information ;-) I like to talk to everybody – they all have interesting things to share and declare.