Welocalize and Intuit at TAUS 2013: From Zero to MT Deployment

Alex Yanishevsky 2013Welocalize Senior Solutions Architect, Alex Yanishevsky, delivered a joint presentation with Render Chiu, Group Manager, Global Content & Localization from Intuit, at the recent TAUS annual conference in Portland, Oregon.

In their presentation How STE and Analytical Tools Enabled MT Program”, Alex and Render shared valuable insights about the Welocalize-Intuit machine translation (MT) program. They specifically detailed experiences and best practices in going from zero to MT deployment across 11 languages in a short 90 days.

Their TAUS presentation focused on the role of language tools and analytics in meeting a global organizations need for fast product expansion with localized solutions. Alex and Render presented how Welocalize and Intuit leveraged publicly available data to train an initial set of MT engines and build a business case to go into production with MT.

Alex Yanishevsky shares his five key highlights from the presentation:

  • The Welocalize and Intuit MT program was deployed in 3 months for 11 languages
  • We trained Microsoft Translator with significant improvement over baseline engines on very sparse bilingual data
  • Intuit’s adherence to Simplified Technical English made MT onboarding much easier
  • Welocalize-specific analytics, part of our secret sauce,  along with POS Candidate Scorer, Perplexity Evaluator and Tag Density Calculator where used to analyze source content suitability
  • We used weScore, part of Welocalize weMT framework, to calculate analytics on MT engine quality, such as auto- scoring, human evaluation, productivity metrics

The full TAUS presentation is available to view here: How STE and Analytical Tools Enabled Intuit MT Program Welocalize TAUS 2013

You can also view Welocalize Olga Beregovaya’s presentation at the TAUS Showcase at LocWorld here: WeMT Tools and Processes

In addition, you can learn more about the Welocalize and Intuit MT story as presented by Tuyen Ho, Senior Director at Welocalize and Intuit’s Render Chiu at LocWorld 2013 in Silicon Valley by viewing: “Silver Linings Playbook – Intuit’s MT Journey. You can also read Tuyen’s blog about the presentation with Intuit.