Welocalize Gains Valued Across Accreditation

Logo-Certified-Version-5-7_250x85Across Systems recently announced Welocalize as the first English-speaking Language Service Provider (LSP) to qualify for the “Across Certified” accreditation. Across Systems GmbH manufactures the Across Translation Management Software (TMS) and in July 2013, introduced this extensive training program for LSPs. A team of five participants from Welocalize spent a week with Across in Karlsbad, Germany, to complete the training and become Across certified.  Read more about this program and our accreditation here.

Based in Stuttgart, Germany, Christian Zeh is a Business Development Director at Welocalize. In this blog, Christian talks about Across and shares three reasons why he is happy with the recent accreditation.

Christian ZehWe have global clients who use Across Translation Management Software, so it is important for us to make sure we have the right tools and knowledge to support them. We are continually working to expand our skills and portfolio to make sure we meet all our client needs and support key technologies in the localization industry.

The Across Certification comprises of five modules on the subjects including project management, terminology work and system administration in Across. The objective of the training program is to make it easier for clients to find language service providers with extensive, in-depth Across skills. To ensure high training quality, only a limited number of sessions are held, at which the participants are intensively coached in small groups. Having a team complete and pass the training means Welocalize now has an Across Competence Center for clients using the Across TMS.

This is great news for Welocalize and our clients.  Here is why I am happy about the accreditation:

  • Seamless Workflow. We now have in-depth knowledge of the Across TMS so any client using Across knows that we can integrate with their workflow and connect our Across server with their Across system via crossGrid.
  • Scalable Across Supply Chain. We can now recruit and train experienced translation resources who are familiar with Across. We can also train and support those who do not use Across.
  • Premier Technology Partner. We now have another key technology partner within the localization industry. We will work with Across and our clients on an ongoing basis to ensure continuous process improvements and we can help configure our clients workflows within Across for optimal performance.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Welocalize and Across accreditation, feel free to contact me.