Welocalize Client Survey October 2014

Question 3 Results Client Survey October 2014Welocalize reaches out two times a year to gain valuable insights from our clients  through a three question survey.  The feedback along with a Net Promoter® Score rating helps us focus on our 4 pillar strategy: customer service, innovation, teamwork and quality.

The October 2014 Welocalize Client Survey asked three questions. The first question was a Net Promoter® Score (NPS) question: How likely is it that you would recommend Welocalize to a friend or colleague?  

The rating is 1 – 10, with 10 = extremely likely and 1 = not at all likely. Our average score in the survey was 8 with 84% stating they were likely to recommend Welocalize to others. Our NPS rating for the October 2014 Client Survey is +29. According to the NPS founder, the average company scores +10 to +12.

We also ask for direct feedback on why people would or would not refer us to others.  What we learn from this helps define client-specific initiatives, as well as benchmark areas of continuous improvement that benefit our clients today and in the future.

We gathered important information from our clients in this survey about their priorities in the coming year by asking, What localization and translation services rank as high priority for you in 2015?

In the survey, we learned that marketing and branded content is the #1 priority for our clients upcoming projects.  Technical documentation follows closely behind, then user interface and web.

You can see the complete survey results in our new Welocalize Client Survey October 2014 infographic.

Client Survey Welocalize October 2014 - Web