Welocalize Adds Baidu to SEO Global Ranking Capabilities

Frederick, Maryland – October 10, 2017 – Welocalize, global leader in innovative translation and localization solutions, has expanded its SEO global ranking capabilities to include Baidu, China’s largest search engine. This new functionality enables global businesses to successfully establish themselves online in Chinese markets and monitor the performance of their China-targeted digital marketing, SEO and e-commerce activities.

“Getting your site optimized for Baidu is crucial to any global organization driving digital marketing campaigns targeted for Chinese markets. Baidu has a search engine algorithm which has some distinct differences to Google’s and it is vital to understand these in order to achieve visibility in China” said Owain Lloyd-Williams, APAC Lead at Welocalize’s Multilingual Digital Marketing Agency, Adapt Worldwide,. “Adding Baidu to our proprietary search ranking capability enables clients to see how their website is performing in China. This is something which puts us ahead of the game given the limited availability of reliable Baidu SEO tools outside of China. This also expands our portfolio of multilingual digital services for organizations looking to enter the APAC region. Our experts can identify the appropriate keywords that target markets are searching for on Baidu, adapt websites accordingly and provide analytics on how sites are performing.”

The Chinese economy has grown in double-digits over the past few years yet Western companies often find it a challenging market to enter, especially if they have little or no experience working in the region. Baidu has over 80% of the search engine market share in China and to enter and succeed in Chinese markets, content must be picked up in the relevant searches and must be adapted to fit in line with Baidu’s unique algorithm and SEO best practices. Welocalize’s multilingual digital marketing agency, Adapt Worldwide, works with many global organizations to develop and culturally adapt online search and digital marketing campaigns to ensure content impacts the right audience.

“Our business is to ensure our clients are supported on every stop of the global journey and for many client organizations in the US and Europe, entering lucrative Chinese markets is a key global growth objective,” said Smith Yewell, Welocalize CEO. “At Welocalize, we have teams of experts who have the right in-depth knowledge required to culturally adapt digital marketing content and monitor performance and analytics with the latest innovative technology. This extra layer of intelligence on our search ranking capabilities means Welocalize clients operating in China can get ahead of the competition with high visibility on Baidu. This means more relevant clicks and greater revenue from their Chinese operations.”

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