Welocalize 20th Anniversary – Two Decades of Change

welocalize May 25, 2017

We recently completed another productive LocLeaders Forum event.  This time it was in the wonderful city of Barcelona.  The LocLeaders dinner was held in a particularly special location, a house designed and built by Antoni Gaudí.  The creativity and attention to detail everywhere in the home was inspiring.

This LocLeaders was also special in that we had a chance to celebrate the building of another creation – Welocalize.  This year marks the 20th Anniversary of Welocalize and we debuted a video commemorating the milestone.  I was asked during the event what has changed over the past 20 years.  My answer was as you might expect: some things very much and some not at all.

What hasn’t changed: Our passion for creating long lasting relationships built upon trust.  What has been the highlight of my Welocalize experience?  It is the strong relationships we have built with incredible people all over the world.  Late into the evening one night that week, a group of clients, current staff, former employees and industry friends talked and shared great stories from our experiences together over the years.  This is what will be remembered, our industry family.  What else has not changed – the Welocalize 4-Pillars of Customer Service, Quality, Innovation and Global Teamwork.  In short, the most important things are no different.

What has changed?  Both our company and the industry in terms of the challenges we face together.  What began for us as a content translation task has now become a comprehensive content transformation challenge with translation as one of many components across the complete content lifecycle and global journey.  We have been asked by our clients to solve fascinating challenges at many new stops along their global journey: intellectual property protection, the convergence of digital marketing and localization, the audio interface, machine translation, customer experience validation and technical interoperability.  Our industry keeps getting more interesting each year, and I enjoy it as much as ever.

I want to thank our clients, staff and partners for helping to make our dreams a reality.  20 years ago, my wife Julia and I began Welocalize with a one-word project from our first client – translate the word “Pathfinder”.  Our path has led Welocalize to become stronger than ever: a combination of the 17 companies we have acquired, over 1,500 people in 22 offices around the world and the most amazing clients we could ever hope for.


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