Welocalize 2014 Vendor Survey Results

Welocalize recently conducted our annual Vendor Survey. We surveyed over 800 vendors in our supply chain to learn how we can strengthen our relationships, continue to provide best in service to our clients and create long-term value for our language service partners.

We asked eight questions this year. Our first question was based on a Net Promoter Score (NPS) format. We asked, “How likely is it that you would recommend working with Welocalize as a Language Services Provider?” This questions is answered by selecting a rating between 1-10, 10 being very likely to recommend working with us, 1 being unlikely to recommend. Our 2014 average survey score to this question was 8.5. The NPS score is determined taking the % of promoters, those that provide a rating of 10 or 9, minus the % detractors, rating 6 or below to determine the overall NPS.

The Welocalize Vendor NPS for 2014 is +47. Welocalize recognizes that this is a positive result as the average NPS for companies is +10.  A company that is focused on continuous improvement, Welocalize will continue to focus on opportunities to increase our promoter rating by collaborating closely with our vendors.

In addition to the NPS questions, we asked a series of questions to gain valuable insights and specific feedback.  Here is a list of the questions used in the survey:

  • What are your top criteria when deciding to work with an LSP?
  • Can you provide the most common reason you choose not to work or to stop working with an LSP?
  • How can Welocalize improve in comparison to other LSPs with whom you work?
  • Specifically, what does Welocalize do better than other LSPs with whom you work?
  • How can Welocalize help you to achieve your business goals?
  • What kind of training and support would you like from Welocalize?
  • What is your preferred channel for news updates from Welocalize?

The results of these questions are summarized in the infograph below.  We learned in our top criteria question that the vendor relationship approach is most important to our supply chain, followed by rates and reputation in the industry.  We also learned that Welocalize ranks highest, in comparison to other LSPs in our relationships, openness and accessibility, project management and quality process and approach.

If you have questions about our vendor programs, the 2014 survey or would like to talk to our Talent Management Team, please contact us at Talent_Finders@welocalize.com.

Welocalize Vendor Survey Infograph 2014