Welocalize 2014 Language Report Top 10 Trends

Welocalize has prepared their annual report of top languages and word counts for 2014. The 2014 report shows the highest volume of words translated in a given 12 month period by the Welocalize group of companies, surpassing the 2013 total by 262 million.

  1. Total translated output for Welocalize in 2014 was 956 million words into 157 languages.
  2. Welocalize translated 802 million words and Park IP Translations, a Welocalize company, translated 154 million words.
  3. We translated 2.6 million words per day, 1,820 words per minute and 30 words per second!

Welocalize Top Language Trends for 2014

  • The total number of languages increased from 125 in 2013 to 157 in 2014, an increase of 26% from 2013 data.
  • For all of Welocalize, the top five languages account for 53% of total words translated (504.5 million).
  • French was the top language for Welocalize at 95 million words, 12% of Welocalize total word count. In 2013, the volumes of French translations were 47 million. This is an increase of 102% from 2013 data.
  • For Park IP Translations, a Welocalize company specializing in legal translation, Japanese came out top representing 28 million (18%) of their total word count. For 2013, the Japanese word count for Park IP was 27 million (16%).
  • Simplified Chinese was second in the language ranking for both Welocalize and Park IP with word counts of 94 million (12%) and 23 million (15%), respectively. A big growth of 83% in Simplified Chinese from 64 million to 117 million, when compared with 2013 data.
  • 62% of words translated by Park IP Translations comes from the five top languages: Japanese, Simplified Chinese, English (United States), Spanish (Latin America) and Korean. This correlates with latest figures from WIPO which states that the most active countries for total number of foreign filings under WIPOs Patent and Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is led by US, followed by Japan, China and Germany.
  • The amount of words translated into English has increased significantly. The total word count for 2013 for words translated into English was 36.5 million and for 2014, that number was 47.2 million. This increase of 29% saw US English enter the Welocalize-wide top 10 languages at #8 this past year. In 2013, it was #11.
  • The number of words translated into German has more than doubled between 2013 and 2014. In 2013, German word counts were 46 million and at #5 in the top ten language ranking. In 2014, German rose by 106% to hit 95 million and has moved up one place to #4.
  • Russian has increased it’s ranking in the top ten from #8 in 2013, moving up two places to #6 in 2014.
  • Vietnamese grew 60% in translation volume from 2013 to 2014.

The report is the result of analysis of our translated output for 2014.  SPECIAL NOTE: The language report does not include data on words translated by Welocalize acquisitions Agostini Associati and CD Language Solutions in 2014 prior to integration.  It should be noted, with the two acquisitions, Welocalize translated more than one billion words in 2014.

The following infographic provides a summary of the 2014 Welocalize Words + Languages Report.

Welocalize Languages Report 2014