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LocLeaders and LocWorld, 11th – 14th June, 2013


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This year, I’d say the theme for the hottest week in Localization was high altitude. I’m no fan of heights but for two consecutive days, I ended up at the top of one of London’s tallest buildings. Welocalize ran the annual European LocLeaders event – 12th June – 118m up on the 28th floor of Millbank Tower in Westminster. Clients and senior Welocalize executives discussed and thrashed out localization topics and issues. Was it good for me? Yes it was. Vertigo aside, to sit in a space with views of one of the world’s most beautiful capital cities and feel the energy, enthusiasm as people exchanged views (some heated) was awesome. The value was in the openness. People simply wanted to share their thoughts, challenges and opinions with other like-minded people. It was a trusted environment full of l10n experts – Welocalize’s Smith Yewell, Derek Coffey, Lyn Carroll, Olga Beregovaya and Antoine Rey who facilitated the day with incredible energy. Some said it was the best client forum EVER. I’d agree.


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After the LocLeaders forum, LocWorld. My third (European) LocWorld. We were a bronze sponsor again this year. This year, the venue was much better than the one in Paris last year. I ate lunch with Ulrich (Henes) who does a brilliant job at organising LocWorld and he would certainly agree. No offence to the Parisians.

This year’s theme was the shifting economy. David Smith, Economics Editor from the Sunday Times delivered the opening keynote, “Opportunities in a fast changing world”. The forecasts for economic recovery weren’t THAT great… But there are opportunities from the emerging economies; China, India, Latin America and Russia. Despite of economic troubles, the language services market has continued to grow since 2009. As of 2013, independent research firm, Common Sense Advisory calculates the languages services market is growing at an annual rate of 5.13%. Good news.


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For the delegate dinner on Thursday evening, I found myself back at the top of Millbank Tower – I must be going up in the world as I’d progressed from the 28th to the 29th floor JFood was excellent and we laughed alot. There is such great value in the networking at these events and to be so involved with like-minded people. All talking the same language of localization.

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The last session I attended was the Unconference@Localization World, hosted by Teresa Marshall. The format of an “Unconference” is simply the crowd nominate a list of topics. They vote on which topics to discuss. Then the host facilitates the discussion, stopping any fights which may break out ;) The one I attended had some big, vocal, localization characters in attendance so it was fascinating. We thrashed out the industry’s pricing structure. Is it a dinosaur? Does it need changing? How to motivate translators? We all felt quite sad when people had to leave to catch their flights.

It was an intensive week, but a great success. Next year Dublin. See you there.

Louise Law, Marketing Manager, Welocalize.