Top 10 Welocalize Blog Posts for 2014

Welocalize 2014 2015As 2014 draws to a close, we thought it would be a good time to look back at some of the most popular Welocalize blogs posted this year. These blog posts give great insight into key industry trends, how-to’s and thought leadership on key topics. Read these and anyone responsible for globalization and localization strategy will be ready to go into 2015 well-versed with the right knowledge and information to achieve success in the New Year.

Welocalize top ten most visited blog posts for 2014:


#1: A Bug is a Bug in Every Language

This is blog contains excerpts from the Welocalize white paper, written by Communications Manager, Louise Law, on software localization and testing which first appeared in the December issue of Multilingual magazine.

#2: What is Crowdsourcing? An Iconic Concept of the Global Digital Economy?

Crowdsourcing has been an on-going subject of debate and analysis, not just in localization but in general. This blog written by VP of Supply Chain at Welocalize, Joaquín Soler explores the concept and considers its’ significance for the future.

#3: Driving Innovation through the Localization Process

Innovation is one of Welocalize’s four pillars which form the foundation of everything we do. Blogger and Welocalize BDD, Steve Maule, offers four insights into how to best drive innovation through the localization process.

#4: Four Key Components to Successful Localization Testing

Welocalize Technical Services Director, Tom Gannon, talks about software localization testing and offers tips on how to implement a successful testing solution.

#5: Global Teamwork – Keeping the Whole Greater than the Sum of its Parts

If you work for a global organization, chances are you are part of a virtual team. Steve Maule share’s his top five tips on how to be a great virtual team-member.

#6: What Do Localization Clients Want?

The title speaks for itself. Senior Director Antoine Rey looks at the art of selling in the localization world by listening to the client and making sure all objectives are met.

#7: Localization and the Electric Ride

When Harley-Davidson invited SVP Derek Coffey to try their electric motorcycle, here’s what he thought and how it related to the localization industry.

#8: Localizing Global Consumer Brands: 3 Tips for Success

Louise Law looks at how purchasing consumer goods has gone from a physical experience to a virtual one and how digital brands are winning the hearts of global customers over the traditional bricks and mortar ones.

#9: Localizing Japan: How LSPs Help Clients Successfully Do Business In Japan

This blog shares insights on Japan and localizing into Japanese. Written by Senior Director, Shinji Yoshitake, who is based in Tokyo.

#10: Localizing Multimedia: 6 Best Practices for Quality Audio Recordings  

More organizations are publishing content using multimedia techniques for marketing and e-learning purposes; video, audio, animation and captioning. This blog, by guest blogger Hugh Barford, shares best practices for multimedia localization techniques, focusing on audio recordings.


The Future of the Localization Industry by Smith Yewell is a great forward-looking summary of key trends that are shaping the discussions and expectations for the localization industry.  It describes how we will progress together to achieve our respective business goals and drive greater return on content investments.


There are the two blogs, chosen by the Welocalize blog team, that reflect compelling content we like to share with our subscribers every week:

Website Localization and the Rise of HTML5 by Software Engineer, Ronan Kavanagh

How to Plan a Software Localization Testing Strategy by Beijing-based Localization Manager, Judy Chen.

What were YOUR favorite Welocalize blogs? We look forward to 2015 and to sharing more expertise through our Innovators Blog. Be sure to subscribe to our blogs to stay up-to-date on all the information we will share in the coming year.

The Welocalize Blog Team