Three Things to Know about Global Localization Staffing and Recruiting

by Clarissa Yerkes, Welocalize Business Development Director for Staffing488242677

When looking to expand your localization team into a new global market, locate in-country testers or reviewers, or staff ad and web search relevance analysts, the recruiting techniques used in the U.S. may not be successful halfway around the globe.

We know that the best results require matching the right talent to the right project.  Here are three valuable global localization staffing and recruiting tips.

Tailor your Message and Outreach Methods to Your Audience

Methods that work well in the San Francisco Bay Area or New York City may not yield the same results in another market. It is only fitting that you “localize” the message and outreach to your audience. Review other job postings in that particular market to discern what works and what does not for a specific location. Then grab the attention of candidates with something geared towards them specifically, whether through language, tone or style.

It is also helpful to evaluate the résumé and job boards that get the most traffic in a specific geography, as well as what professional social media your ideal candidates will gravitate towards naturally. Ask for recommendations from colleagues or connections based in the target market or those familiar with the most prevalent regionally-specific forums to interact and make contact with desirable candidates. Instead of relying on channels popular in the U.S., be prepared to try out various methods in order to reach the most qualified contenders.

Do Your Research Beforehand

Gather as much intelligence as you can on the market, industry trends, local and international competitors, salary standards and other useful information before you first engage with candidates. The more you know of these key features, the more credibility you will have when finally speaking to prospective candidates. Doing so lends a personal touch and can quickly gain the respect and trust of the person you are interviewing if they know you have done your research and have a handle on the local market.

Research what makes for an excellent hire in the target market, country, or region. Determining the characteristics that embody the ideal candidate beforehand can also lead to success in finding the right individual for the opportunity and speed up learning as you go through the recruiting process.

Always Consider Each Candidate’s Complete Qualifications beyond a First Impression 452269237

It can be tempting to focus solely on résumés and professional profiles as the main measures for evaluating talent, yet it is important to consider each candidate in his or her entirety.  Countless times, those initially thought to be standout candidates have wound up not meshing with hiring managers and stalling after the first interview stage. Other times, those that might seem to be the underdog candidate sail through and are offered the job.  First impressions may not be as reliable as you think.

While filtering candidates, take into consideration that the job requirements do not need to be hard and fast and hiring can be largely based on factors unrelated to years of experience and industry know-how. This holds true for the recruiting and selection process both globally and locally.

Welocalize specializes in hiring localization and translation professionals for permanent and temporary positions.  We can act as the international recruiter or we can manage the employees directly to work on specific projects.  The important tips we provided apply to all our hiring practices, whether we are looking for one candidate for a permanent project management position or 50 software testers in a specific geography for a single job.  We encourage our clients to look at each project and candidate with the specific job requirements to determine the best resources.  In the end, it will save you time and money.

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