the rosetta foundation promotes equal access to information

Charitable organization charges to end global information poverty

Frederick, Maryland, USA – August 26, 2009 – The University of Limerick, the Centre for Next Generation Localisation (CNGL) and Welocalize come together to support the launch of the Rosetta Foundation, a not-for-profit organization with the aim to advance the rights of individuals to access life-critical information in their native languages.  With a planned European and North American launch this fall, The Rosetta Foundation invites all to participate in the inception, development and endorsement of a program to end global information poverty.

The Rosetta Foundation is a spin-off of the Localisation Research Centre at the University of Limerick, Ireland, and the Centre for Next Generation Localisation (CNGL), a major research initiative supported by the Irish Government. The primary purpose of The Rosetta Foundation is to make vital information on basic healthcare available to individuals all over the word irrespective of their social status, linguistic or cultural background, and geographical location. The Rosetta Foundation intends to deploy a localisation technology platform for volunteer translators and not-for-profit organizations that can contribute to the translation and distribution of life-guarding information to communities in need around the world.

To this end The Rosetta Foundation is implementing an accessible and affordable open-source technology platform around GlobalSight and CrowdSight. Sponsored by Welocalize, Globalsight is an open-source Translation Management System (TMS) that helps automate the critical tasks associated with the creation, translation, review, storage and management of global content. With zero license fees GlobalSight provides a flexible, affordable and sustainable solution for organizations to deliver multilingual content to their end-users worldwide.  CrowdSight is another open-source application fully integrated with GlobalSight used specifically for crowdsourcing or to engage the right “crowd,” group or community to deliver quick-turn translation for on-demand content.

Through GlobalSight The Rosetta Foundation has access to a robust platform for managing, translating and delivering global content and can support the translation efforts of non-profit and non-governmental organizations in providing information to communities in need―in their local language. At the same time, The Rosetta Foundation benefits from an existing GlobalSight community of 1,500 members to solicit volunteers dedicated to promoting equal access to information through language and cultural diversity.

Reinhard Schäler, founder of The Rosetta Institute, explains, “Our initiative to develop an open source translation and localisation platform with GlobalSight as a backbone will widen the narrow focus of current mainstream localisation and bring the digital world closer to the three quarters of the world’s population who currently do not have access to it.”

The European launch will take place at the AGIS ’09 conference in Limerick, Ireland on September 21-23, 2009.  AGIS, Action for Global Information Sharing, will provide an opportunity for volunteer translators, localization specialists and NGOs to come together to learn, network and celebrate their work.  To register and participate in this FREE event go to

The North American launch will take place at the Localization World conference in Santa Clara, California on October 20, 2009.  This pre-conference workshop will provide an overview of the organizational structure, the aims and objectives, and the strategic plan of The Rosetta Foundation. Participants will be introduced to the Foundation’s translation and localisation technology platform – GlobalSight. To register and participate in this FREE event go to

The Rosetta Foundation is a commendable, wide-reaching initiative that is helping extend the benefits of the translation industry to the people that most need it”, comments Smith Yewell, CEO of Welocalize and board member of The Rosetta Foundation. “Individuals all over the world are deprived of critical information in their native language that could potentially save their lives.  We are honored to support this initiative through the deployment of our open-source GlobalSight TMS and new crowdsourcing tool CrowdSight.  We believe that in order to grow and meet global content demands, we must collaborate to innovate.  The Rosetta Foundation intends to this in their effort to end global information poverty.”  About The Rosetta Foundation

The Rosetta Foundation aims to make information accessible to people independent of their social status, their linguistic and cultural background and their geographical location through the development and the deployment of an intelligent translation and localisation environment. Its work is supported by the translation and localisation community and funding agencies.

The translation and localisation platform development is based on an open source model making the platform available to the translation and localisation community. It is deployed and supported by The Rosetta Foundation for selected not-for-profit organisations and volunteer translators. For more information on the launch event of The Rosetta Foundation, please visit

About GlobalSight

GlobalSight is a collaborative, open source initiative to develop a flexible and sustainable Translation Management System (TMS) that leverages the best ideas and addresses the true needs of the industry. In this non-captive community, participants are free to discuss, discover and build upon a translation process automation tool that provides choice and flexibility—and can be shared by all.

The direction and development of the GlobalSight Open Source Initiative is dictated by community members. For more information and to join the community, please visit

About Welocalize

Welocalize offers integrated globalization services for the fluid and rapid deployment of enterprise content and applications to international markets. In response to unique customer needs, we provide globalization consulting, translation, localization and testing solutions that manage risk, improve repeatability and ensure transfer of knowledge from project to project.

Our clients include Autodesk, Inc.; Canon; Cisco Systems; Computer Associates; IBM; Microsoft; Sun; Symantec and Xerox. With over 400 employees worldwide, Welocalize maintains 9 offices in the United States, Germany, Ireland, Japan and China . Please visit for more information.

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