The Future of Digital Advertising: 2021 & Beyond




About the Webinar

Replacing our annual conference is a series of 3 pre-recorded seminars from industry leaders Google, Conductor & Beyo Global, launching October 2020. This, the first event in the series, focuses on the future of digital advertising and features talks from Google’s Susie Gorman, and our very own Jon Greenhalgh.

*This seminar is pre-recorded and those who register will be sent a personal link to watch on-demand when the event launches on October 21st 2020.

You’ll hear about:

Decoding Decisions: Influencing Your Customers’ Path to Purchase | Susie Gorman, Google UK

We know more about advertising performance than ever before and can measure outcomes with amazing granularity. And yet, understanding consumer decision-making is more difficult than it’s ever been.

In 2020, following the outbreak of coronavirus and subsequent restrictions on physical retail, the proportion of purchases happening online has risen to record levels. And while the majority of purchases are still made offline, the media and information that inform those purchases are increasingly online, and the complexity of potential decision-making pathways has grown considerably.

If we don’t update our thinking about consumer behaviour to account for this huge expansion in choice and attendant complexity, we’ll be trying to account for 21st-century behaviour with 20th-century models. How do we change that, and how to we make sense of the “messy middle”?

The Customer Experience Revolution | Jon Greenhalgh, SearchStar

In an increasingly digital world where anyone can compete, effective advertising can be a differentiator. Advertising contributes to the relationships with your customers. It, therefore, must contribute to building a strong, meaningful and trustworthy brand experience.

It’s time we started focusing more on customer experiences in our digital marketing activity. It will fuel your SEO improvements and deliver better returns on your advertising spend. But how do we achieve that, and how do we start advertising with purpose?

Meet The Speakers

Susie Gorman

Agency Development Manager, Google

Jon Greenhalgh

Managing Director, SearchStar

Ryan Webb

Conversion and Analytics Director, SearchStar