TAUS Invites Industry to Join Common Translation API

Welocalize Shares API Specifications

tausFrederick, Maryland US and Amsterdam, Netherlands– August 26, 2014 TAUS has made available a new release of the Translation API specifications. This release 2.0 of the TAUS Translation API features a design that follows modern web API design principles and provides the required flexibility to adapt to the multitude of processes and content types present in the industry today.

With this new release TAUS is inviting industry stakeholders to join in the initiative and take part in a working group. Welocalize has shared its Falcon API specifications with TAUS to make them part of broader industry-shared specifications. Welocalize’s proprietary Falcon Project Management and Accounting Platform is the central management repository for the management of every Welocalize localization program. Falcon is a web-based solution that provides easy-to-use project planning, scheduling, task management, time tracking, invoicing and account management.

“Translation activities are more and more web-based,” said Achim Ruopp, product development manager at TAUS. “The content to be translated is web-based, but also the transactions, the orders, are managed over the internet. Web APIs have the potential to simplify and automate the process of translation. In consultation with the industry TAUS developed a Translation API specification that not only covers many use cases, but is also easy and inexpensive to implement. To broaden industry involvement even more and take advantage of the expertise of different industry participants we are forming the TAUS Translation API working group to develop new and improved versions of the API specification, thus furthering the overall industry goal of interoperability.”

The TAUS Translation API activities started in 2011 and have resulted in a basic set of specifications and a validation site. The specifications have been downloaded and reviewed by over 400 users. With the new release and the planned extension of the API with the specifications shared by Welocalize, the TAUS Translation API will support a much broader area of translation use cases and scenarios.

“Welocalize experiences the burden of the lack of compatibility and interoperability in the translation industry first-hand,” says Derek Coffey, SVP Technology at Welocalize. ”While volumes of translation and the number of languages keep going up, we see the average size of jobs going down which causes a tremendous efficiency challenge. We are keen to automate every step in the value chain and unless we solve this on an industry-scale, we will continue to have friction connecting with different tools and service vendors. The best way to attack these challenges is for industry stakeholders to agree on a common API for translation.”

In the scoping document for the API initiative, TAUS has listed processes for translation of any kind of content from short phrases to video files, for translation quality assurance, accessing resources necessary for translation, human translation as well as machine translation and post-editing, dynamic quality definition (linked to the TAUS DQF resources), quality bench-marking, translation memory, terminology, word counts, quoting and bidding for translations, crowd-sourcing.

The design of the web API will be a modern RESTful web API design along with commonly adopted standards for authorization and authentication (OAuth). The design will not rely on a specific platform or implementation language. A web API specification that follows industry best practices has good platform support and a large talent pool of developers with experience in the technology can be implemented easily.

About Welocalize – Welocalize, Inc., founded in 1997, offers innovative translation and localization solutions helping global brands to grow and reach audiences around the world in more than 125 languages. Our solutions include global localization management, translation, supply chain management, people sourcing, language services and automation tools including MT, testing and staffing solutions and enterprise translation management technologies. With over 600 employees worldwide, Welocalize maintains offices in the United States, UK, Germany, Ireland, Japan and China. www.welocalize.com

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