Welocalize Hosts LocLeaders Forum London 2017

May 11, 2017 – Welocalize, global leader in innovative translation and localization solutions, will welcome business leaders from the world of globalization and localization to the upcoming LocLeaders Forum London 2017, taking place on May 18, 2017, starting at 5:00PM at the BAFTA 195 Piccadilly venue in the heart of London’s West End.

The theme for this first London-based LocLeaders Forum 2017 is “The Global Journey: Scaling to Meet Global Needs” and will feature a Welocalize hosted dinner and several moderated discussions with expert localization guest panelists from global brands. This diverse team of panelists will cover topics including how to manage complex content across the entire global journey while keeping brand messages globally and locally hyper-relevant with optimum efficiency and effectiveness. This exclusive evening event is a unique opportunity for localization leaders from global brands to freely discuss challenges and strategies to reach new and emerging markets.

Smith Yewell, CEO at Welocalize, will open the LocLeaders Forum London 2017 and the panel discussions will be led and moderated by Garry Levitt, Welocalize Vice President of EMEA and Steve Maule, Welocalize Business Development Director.
“We help clients to reach global audiences across all the different stops on their journey, whether it be digital marketing, legal, technical, product testing or machine translation – everything that ensures they’ll be successful internationally,” said Smith Yewell, CEO at Welocalize. “At LocLeaders London, our guest panelists represent a wide selection of organizations from multiple industries, all at different stops on the global journey and we look forward to driving innovative discussions at the event to help attendees achieve their business goals.”

Featured panelists include Virginia Diploudis, Corporate Communications Manager at Mettler Toledo, Nancy Ferreira da Rocha, Senior Localization Program Manager at TNT, Celia Plowright, Localization Operations Manager at IG, Stephen Carter, Partner and Patent Attorney at intellectual property specialists, Mewburn Ellis LLP and Robert Shaw, Content Manager at OpenTable. Joining them in the discussions are Karen Loughrey, Localization Consultant and Andrew Lawless, best-selling author and founder of Rockant.

“We are excited to be holding our first London-based LocLeaders Forum and we look forward to welcoming knowledgeable and diverse guest panelists to help drive free-flowing discussions,” said Garry Levitt, Welocalize VP of EMEA. “LocLeaders Forums provide attendees with inspiration and industry knowledge, enabling them to make important new contacts and arming them with valuable information to help them succeed globally.”

For more information and to register visit

Welocalize, Inc., founded in 1997, offers innovative language services to help global brands reach audiences around the world in more than 175 languages. We provide translation and localization services, talent management, language tools, automation and technology, quality and program management. Our range of managed language services include machine translation, digital marketing, validation and testing, interpretation, staffing and enterprise translation management technologies. We specialize in consumer, technology, manufacturing, learning, oil and gas, travel and hospitality, marketing and advertising, finance, legal and life sciences industry language solutions. With more than 1,500 full-time employees worldwide, Welocalize maintains offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Japan and China.

Spotlight on Welocalize Global Offices Around the World

Global office 2016Welocalize is a truly global company with 19 offices across North America, Europe and Asia. Our global footprint is increasing all the time as we continue to serve and support global brands with specialized language services through their entire “globalized” customer journey.

To date in 2016, Welocalize has gained seven new offices in Europe and North America to support our expanding services and our growing number of clients around the world. Every location is unique with its own characteristics. Equally important, together we represent the Welocalize brand, common values and guiding principles built upon Welocalize’s 4-pillars of customer service, global teamwork, quality and innovation. Clients all over the globe have come to expect the same, consistent high levels of service from Welocalize and it is our mission to deliver – no matter where we are located.

Our office locations are able to support clients in every industry sector and with multiple content type and language requirements, often backed by specialization and unique skills important to the region. We thought we would give you a quick highlight of some of the ways we build a unified global culture. Here is a brief overview of some of our key locations around the world.


Frederick, Maryland USA

welocalize_frederick_marylandThe Frederick office is Welocalize global headquarters and the first Welocalize office to open in 1997 when Smith and Julia Yewell founded the company.  Our corporate headquarters has team members that work across multiple functions, including finance, human resources, administration, technology and innovation.  Frederick became an crossroad in the early trade routes in America, a city that is now known as an intersection between Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC.  Frederick is also the official “unofficial” headquarters to the legendary Fuzzy Match rock band, with founding member and lead bassist Smith Yewell.

Portland, Oregon USA

welocalize_portland_oregonPortland represents a diverse team responsible for support a global workforce and client base. Team members work across multiple functions, including innovation, service lines, operations and business development.  The Portland office houses one of our primary multilingual quality validation service (QVS) labs.  It is where we provide a robust range of product and software QA programs of functional and linguistic testing, supported by our multilingual staffing as well as quality program management and managed services. The Portland locale is one of the fastest growing locations, with expansion to meet the growing QVS demands.  It has a large team specialized in testing platforms for desktop and mobile projects for many global technology brands. Portland is a fun, creative and friendly city, and does maintain the city motto, “Keep Portland Weird!”

Boston, Massachusetts USA

welocalize_bostonThe Welocalize Boston office looks after multinational clients with locations across the United States, as well in Europe.  The team is made up of highly skilled project management and client service team members who work closely with our clients to service their language program requirements.  The Boston office specializes in providing complex programs with a wide variety of services across all content types, from e-Learning to global marketing. As Massachusetts’s capital and largest city, Boston is one of the oldest cities in the USA.

New York City, New York USA

welocalize_new_yorkOur New York office is the headquarters of Park IP Translations, a Welocalize company specializing in legal language solutions.  Park IP became part of the Welocalize family in 2012. Park IP Translations focuses on regulated industry services, including patent translations, e-Discovery and litigation translation, general legal content and foreign filings.  Although central operations for Park IP Translations are managed from the New York office, the growing Park IP teams are based all over the North America, Europe and Asia. New York is a global, multicultural city and this is reflected by the fact that more than 47% of New York’s residents speak another language. It is a perfect location for one of the world’s largest global language services providers.

Houston, Texas USA

houston office 2016Welocalize localization operations in Houston including diverse project and program services, including specialization in regulation, compliance and language solutions tailored for the oil and gas industry. Houston is one of the largest corporate headquarters for the oil and gas industry in the world. When Welocalize acquired CD Language Solutions in 2014, the company established a global center of excellence for our oil and gas solutions.  The team in Houston is representative of our colleagues in program and project management, business development as well as HR and legal.

San Mateo, California USA

welocalize_san_mateoOur Center of Excellence in Silicon Valley is headquarters to a team that provides services including language automation, program management, technology and innovation, audio and visual specialization and so much more.  Based on the West Coast of North America, the San Mateo office is centralized in the high-tech enclave near the San Francisco Bay Area. Welocalize has long been working with many of the world’s leading technology and consumer global brands throughout the region, providing a wide array of language service solutions.

Chicago, Illinois USA

chicago office 2016One of the most recent expansions for Welocalize was into the Chicago area.  Providing a central hub, the Chicago location serves as one of Park IP Translation and Welocalize’s centers of excellence in business development, innovation and project management serving the broad Midwest of North America. Chicago is one of the newer offices that resulted in the organic growth in clients and services.  The location is suited for direct client engagements in regulated industries for legal and life science solutions, as well as supporting Welocalize’s expanding consumer, technology, finance and manufacturing clients in the region.


Dublin, Ireland

welocalize_dublinDublin is a bustling and thriving hub for the localization industry. The office in Dublin is one of Welocalize’s largest with a number of functions and operations, including program management, talent management, operations, administration, business development, finance, technology, innovation, language automation, administration, human resources, quality and more. Located at the Cherrywood office complex, Welocalize is among the growing number of global technology companies that have large working enterprises based in Ireland.  Welocalize has long partnered with most of these brand leaders.  The Dublin is a vibrant city and hosted the recent Welocalize LocLeaders Forum and Localization World 2016 events.

Chester, Cheshire UK

chester officeThe Chester office is our newest office location, though we have long been in the region with our office originally in the city of Tarporley. Read more Welocalize Moves to Chester in United Kingdom to Support Growth. The team members in this UK office provide a variety of services for our global team members as well as clients, including program management, administration, human resources, marketing and global sales support, as well as IT and finance support.  Chester is an historic English city, dating back to the Roman invasion and settlement of the British Isles. The office is located in the iconic Steam Mill building, close to the center of the city and the University of Chester.  Welocalize has successfully partnered with University of Chester since 2012 to provide internships to students.

London, England UK

londonThe London office is where Adapt Worldwide, Welocalize’s multilingual digital marketing agency, is headquartered in the vibrant city center. It also is a central hub with team members representing our entire brand family, including Park IP Translations, Nova and Welocalize.  Adapt Worldwide specialize in the cultural adaptation of digital marketing content across 175 languages, including specialization in SEO, paid media, app store optimization and global content transcreation and copywriting services. In February, Welocalize acquired Adapt Worldwide, formerly known as Traffic Optimiser.  Similar to New York, London is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. More than 300 different languages are spoken by Londoners, either as a first or second language. Read more Welocalize Acquires Multilingual Digital Marketing Agency Adapt Worldwide.

Poznan, Poland

poznanAdapt Worldwide also has an office in Poznan, Poland.  It is home to Adapt’s development and specialized design and build digital marketing services.  Growing in marketing and digital specialization, Adapt Worldwide continues to grow the team located in this important region. Poznan is the second most important commercial city in Poland, after Warsaw, and has its own world trade center.  It is important to Poland, as Poznań is today one of the largest Polish centers of trade, industry, sports, education, technology, tourism and culture. Education is very important with more than 130,000 students enrolled into the third biggest Polish university, Adam Mickiewicz University.

Luton, England UK

lutonIn the recent acquisition of Nova, a Welocalize company, we have gained a new location located in Luton, United Kingdom.  Primarily focused on providing solutions and support for life sciences and Nova client’s the Luton team is another hub for our growing regulated industries language services. Luton is 30 miles (50 km) north-northwest of London. Historically, the town is famous for making hats and is the head office of Vauxhall Motors and now another European Welocalize global office.

Milan, Italy

Office Images.004Our Milan office houses Agostini Associati, acquired by Welocalize in November 2014. Agostini, a Welocalize company, is a leader in financial translation and localization services that provides services in Italy and throughout Europe.  Agostini offers a broad range of language solutions to finance and legal professionals, as well as business leaders in multinational organizations across a variety of industries from fashion to manufacturing.  A well-respected team of professionals at Agostini are able to deliver quality langauge services vital for financial filings and audits, as well as language support in Italian for all content types. Read more at Welocalize Acquires Agostini Associati in Italy.  As one most populous cities in Europe with 7-10 million people in Greater Milan, it is positioned as one of the top five economies in the EU.

Barcelona, Spain

barcelonaWelocalize recently acquired Nova Language Solutions, now known as Nova, a Welocalize company in 2016.  The headquarters for Nova are located in Barcelona. The acquisition aims to strategically increase Welocalize’s growing portfolio of regulated industry language solutions for life sciences. Nova is a leading organization in the life sciences market, including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical devices and contract research. Read more: Welocalize Acquires Nova Language Solutions to Expand Life Sciences Solutions. Barcelona is famously attractive to tourists for it’s arts, food, culture and location off the Mediterranean Sea. The city is also known for trade, as a top 10 economy in the EU. It is home to Gaudi’s architectural genius and also capital to the community of Catalonia in the Kingdom of Spain.

Saarbrücken, Germany

Office Images.003Welocalize in Germany is home to a large group of talented linguists and language service professionals who work closely with Welocalize clients in providing solutions for a variety of content types.  The group is one of Welocalize’s internal translation teams, providing language support for top 10 requested languages at Welocalize. Located in the city that is known as a cultural metropolitan area with strong commercial ties to Germany and France, you’ll find Saarbrücken next to the French border in the area known as Saarland.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

clujThe Cluj office is one of Welocalize’s expansion offices that is also where you will find talent management and recruiting professionals, skilled project managers, business development and support groups, quality management, training and development, along with technical services.  Located in Eastern Europe, Cluj-Napoca is important to Welocalize’s sun-up sun-down support strategy for supporting a group and large multinational client base.  The city, which is the second largest in Romania, is considered the unofficial capital of Transylvania.  It is geographically an important area for expansion with the strong language and education programs in the region.


Beijing, China

welocalize_beijingThe Welocalize offices in China are important centers of excellence for localization testing, project management, translation, engineering and quality services for clients in Asia and around the world.  One of Welocalize’s largest offices, Beijing is an important location that helps us service our global brand around the clock.  The Beijing team has representative team members from all functional areas, including: business development, finance, talent management, operations, HR, administration and more. Welocalize and Park IP Translations both have growing commercial and operational teams in this urban city known as China’s political, cultural, and educational center. Beijing is capital to the People’s Republic of China and home seven World Heritage sites, including The Forbidden City and The Great Wall.

Jinan, China

welocalize_jinanWelocalize has a large global center located in Jinan, China. It serves as an important hub to the overall Welocalize client support and language services strategy.  In fact, as one of our in-house translation locations, Welocalize provides translation for both Simplified and Mandarin Chinese from offices in China. Simplified (Traditional) Chinese was the #1 language request in 2015 from Welocalize’s client with more than 166,184,680 words translated by Welocalize. Mandarin Chinese has the most native speakers of any language globally, with a fifth of the world’s population speaking the language. Jinan, a regional area of the world that has been inhabited for more than 4,000 years, is the capital of Shandong province in Eastern China.

Tokyo, Japan

welocalize_tokyo_japanThe Welocalize office in Tokyo houses a talented and diverse workforce, including project managers for our Japanese clients and global projects relating to a variety of Asian languages Qualified linguists handling translation, quality control and training. It is also a center for business development, language solutions and automation and specialized linguist services. Read Expert Insights on Localization in Japan.  Tokyo is technically not a city, it is officially governed as a “metropolitan prefecture” with a prefecture population of more than 13 million people.  Japanese was the second most requested language for translation services by Welocalize in 2015.

The number of offices Welocalize maintains is 19 and we expect will grow that number over the coming months and years to best serve our clients through their entire customer journey, from patent filings to go-to-market content. Welocalize also has a large global workforce that works throughout the world.  It is the strength of our global team, supported by our vast network of language partners, that we are able to help our clients with their globalization business requirements in more than 175 languages.  It is what we do, doing things differently. We are more than just words.

Welocalize 19 Global Offices

This global office overview was prepared by Matt Johnson, a member of the global sales support and marketing team located in Chester, UK.  Matt is also an intern through the University of Chester Master’s program.


Sharing Localization Tips at Learning Technologies 2014

Welocalize is exhibiting at this year’s Learning Technologies 2014 conference taking place January 29-30 in London. Learning Technologies is Europe’s leading showcase of technology supporting workplace learning. Welocalize Business Development Director Steve Maule talks about localizing learning content and why he is excited to be taking part in this event.

steve maule welocalizeWe are experiencing increased globalization as companies expand international operations. As a result, this means our customer, employee and partner communities are more geographically dispersed. We all are working together; however, we may be speaking, learning and sharing in different languages. This can be a challenge for global companies engaged in organizational learning and education initiatives.

The growth of web and learning technology also means people can have access to learning materials anywhere. Companies developing learning and educational projects must be able to adapt and deliver learning content to multilingual audiences. To get the engagement and effective learning results, a good user experience within a learning program means delivering content in the learner’s native tongue.

Localizing learning content can be a challenge and requires a complex workflow with lots of moving parts. Learning programs are often heavy with multimedia content. One training video clip can contain 20 different “voices”. If you need it in 10 different languages, that could mean sourcing 200 voice talents in different countries, booking studios, translating and localizing scripts, re-writing subtitles, re-designing graphics and processing many file types. The best option is to find a single source for localizing your multimedia, providing all language content translation and bringing forward your qualified talent resources.

With companies publishing and updating learning content at a rapid rate, translation and localization has never been so important to maximizing the return on the  huge investments made on learning materials. Identify your program’s requirements in timing, content and media types, languages and budget to determine the variables that will impact your ROI. Defining your requirements in advance empowers you to engage with experts in identifying the best localization options for your learning program and how you will mutually measure success.

We know the use of e-learning is increasing. The global market for e-learning is set to reach $169 billion by 2018* and a lot of content will be delivered in multiple languages. I look forward to finding out what the major challenges and opportunities are within the learning industry at the upcoming event and sharing how we can help. We work with a lot of global learning companies and learning and development departments within large corporations, so I need to know how the landscape looks for all my colleagues. I look forward to learning from those at the event and sharing my knowledge and experience. Together, we can certainly will do well by working together.

If you are interested in attending Learning Technologies 2014, click here for free registration. If you are already planning to attend Learning Technologies 2014 in London, please reach out so we can meet in person. The Welocalize Team will be at Stand 94 at Learning Technologies 2014, Olympia 2 in London on January 29-30. You can reach me at


*October 2013, Global Industry Analysts Inc.

Top 3 Highlights from the Brand2Global Conference London 2013

by Steve Maule

I recently attended the Brand2Global conference in central London. This is a new event, organized by the people who run the Localization World series – The Localization Institute Inc. The Brand2Global Conference focuses on the best practices for global branding, marketing campaigns, websites and social media.

It was an early start on Day One with a “very early” 7:30 AM registration. This meant the 6:00 AM London to Manchester train for me. I was looking forward to meeting and learning from a mix of academics, creative agencies and other Language Service Providers, as well as key representatives from leading global brands from the world of technology, travel, entertainment and luxury.

Here’s my top 3 highlights from the conference:

  1. Dr. Geert Hofstede’s keynote speech “Markets are People”. He introduced the concept that societies and countries can be categorized by where they rank across different cultural dimensions. The two most important for brands are Individualist vs. Collectivist and Long-term vs. Short-term. Communication and advertising styles should be adapted accordingly. One delegate commented that their usability tests for web content are not valid for them in more Collectivist countries, like China, as “people don’t speak their mind” like they do in more Individualist countries, like the USA.
  2. Julia Kenyon from BBC Worldwide talked about how your fans are your best marketers. The BBC has seen a total shift from the traditional “make a program and it’ll be seen” approach to now making sure they’re going to where the fans are.  One simple Facebook post about Dr Who on Facebook reached 5.4m people!
  3. Senior Analyst Ben Sargent, from independent research firm, Common Sense Advisory, presented “Fundamentals of Online Engagement for Global Brands”. Ben shared research that showed:
  • There is a clear link between business success and number of languages found on a brand’s website.
  • Lots of companies are investing in the wrong languages.
  • If brands are not adding between 2 and 3 languages each year, then they are not keeping up!

Ben also introduced the emergence of a Pan lingual User Experience (UX), noting that 50% of the people on the planet speak 3 or more languages.

I thought it was a great conference and hope to see it run again next year. Did you also attend Brand2Global?  What did you think?  I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.

Let’s connect and drop me a line.

Steve Maule, Welocalize Business Development Director


LocLeaders London: that's a wrap

What a fantastic week in London. Not only was it one of the highest attended LocWorld conferences, it was our best LocLeaders Forum to date.

We’ve pulled together insights, nuggets of information and ideas shared at the events inLocLeaders London: That’s a wrap! If you attended this year, thank you for your participation. It was a truly transparent and enlightening day with our clients, vendors + translators.

If you were not able to join us, enjoy this wrap up from the week’s events. We’ll continue our LocLeaders Forum tradition at LocWorld Silicon Valley, October 9 – 11.

We will see you there!

LocLeaders London: that’s a wrap

What a fantastic week in London. Not only was it one of the highest attended LocWorld conferences, it was our best LocLeaders Forum to date.

We’ve pulled together insights, nuggets of information and ideas shared at the events inLocLeaders London: That’s a wrap! If you attended this year, thank you for your participation. It was a truly transparent and enlightening day with our clients, vendors + translators.

If you were not able to join us, enjoy this wrap up from the week’s events. We’ll continue our LocLeaders Forum tradition at LocWorld Silicon Valley, October 9 – 11.

We will see you there!