Welocalize LocLeaders Barcelona – June 14

Welocalize is hosting its LocLeaders Barcelona event on June 14. LocLeaders is a series of exclusive events, held all over the world, welcoming business leaders involved in the world of globalization and localization. The theme for LocLeaders Barcelona is “The Globalization Journey” and will feature panel discussions and opportunity for attendees to take part in open conversation with industry experts.


Welocalize Highlights Top Globalization and Localization Events of 2016

Welocalize takes part in a number of globalization and localization events around the world in North America, Europe, as well as Asia. We have provided highlights of some of the best industry conferences, forums and exhibitions in 2016 that we took part in, with recommendations for 2017 events that benefit anyone involved in globalization and localization activities.


Welocalize proudly sponsored and exhibited at all the Localization World 2016 conferences which took place in Tokyo in April, Dublin in June, and Montreal in October.

As we look forward into 2017, the Welocalize teams will be meeting up with clients and colleagues in Shenzhen in February, Barcelona in June and Silicon Valley in October.

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To coincide with the Localization World events, Welocalize hosted LocLeaders Forums in the same locations. LocLeaders Forums are exclusive events for global brands and localization leaders to participate in an exchange of ideas about trending topics and challenges in the industry. They are highly regarded in the globalization industry and recognized as trusted, open forums that stimulate and generate ideas to help increase global business activities. Take a look at our popular Welocalize LocLeaders Magazines, which contains collective words and experiences from LocLeaders participants.



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Welocalize hosted six LocLeaders Local Forums in 2016, which took place in Houston, Boston, New York City, Portland, Silicon Valley and Stuttgart, Germany. LocLeaders Local are special hosted dinners and peer panel discussions that focus on challenges faced by global brands in particular regions and sectors. This past year, we used the events as an opportunity to introduce Adapt Worldwide to attendees.  Adapt Worldwide, a Welocalize multilingual digital marketing agency under the theme of “Bridging the Digital Divide between Marketing and Localization.”

The LocLeaders Local format always encourages open, transparent conversation about language services and processes between industry professionals.  The local events proved incredibly successful, with client and industry experts demanding more regular events at a local level. We are excited to roll out more LocLeaders events in 2017. Please watch for our upcoming event announcements.

Find out more about what LocLeaders Germany panellist and SFDC Sales Director, Christian Weih has to say about Welocalize LocLeaders Local 2016 Germany – Technically Speaking

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WATCH: Bridging the Digital Divide between Marketing and Localization



Welocalize attended key events organized by TAUS in Europe and North America in 2016. Program Manager, Lena Marg from Welocalize participated as a panel speaker at the TAUS Roundtable in Vienna. Welocalize VP of Language Technology Solutions Olga Beregovaya hosted a session and panel discussion at the TAUS Industry Leaders Forum in Dublin, focusing on the topic of innovative business and pricing models in translation. Olga, together with Welocalize Director of Client Solutions Darin Goble, contributed to the discussion in TAUS Annual Conference and QE Summit held in Portland in October 2016.

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Experts from Welocalize came together at the GALA 2016 Conference, hosting a series of meets to share some insights into one of our 2016 acquisitions, Adapt Worldwide, a Welocalize multilingual digital marketing agency, as well two Welocalize Life Sciences acquisitions, Nova and Global Language Solutions. Park IP Translations contributed to the discussion on topics related to regulated industries and interpretation. Tuyen Ho, Vice President of Corporate Development at Welocalize, presented “Abolish the Per Word Pricing Model” as part of the corporate strategy section of the GALA 2016 conference program held in March.

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Held in May 2016 in Berkeley, California, Welocalize shared industry expertise and lead discussions at The Localization Institute’s Localization Project Managers Round Table. Samantha Henderson, Welocalize Enterprise Program Senior Director, led and moderated the session “PM Responsibilities,” as part of the agenda for the event. The event gathered attendees with extensive experience in localization project management, sparking discussions on advanced topics such as stakeholder management, metrics and KPIs, agile content development, automation and quality management.

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Welocalize sponsored The European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT) 2016. Olga Beregovaya, Welocalize’s VP of Language Technology Solutions, attended the European Association of Machine Translations (EAMT) Conference in May. Olga shared some insights on trending topics such as neural linguistic processing, machine learning, language automation tools and the latest findings in new projects and innovation studies taking place at Welocalize.

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Adapt Worldwide, a Welocalize multilingual digital marketing agency, exhibited alongside Welocalize at the Content Marketing World 2016, which  took place in Cleveland, Ohio. Together, teams from Adapt Worldwide and Welocalize met with leading global brand and content marketers. Our team of experts shared best practices and tips for creating next generation content, as well as deploying successful multilingual strategies with transcreation, digital content, SEO, mobile marketing and cultural adaption programs. General Manager and Co-Founder of Adapt Worldwide Huw Aveston, together with Ann Rockley and Charles Cooper, shared his knowledge on the language of digital marketing.

READ MORE: Welocalize’s Global Force Shares Next Generation Multilingual Content Solutions at Content Marketing World 2016


Welocalize sponsored and presented at the School of Advanced Technologies for Translators (SATT) 2016 that took place in Trento, Italy. This event is a two-day educational program for professional translators to stay up to date with the latest technologies and how they can be utilized in commercial solutions. Tanja Schmidt, Welocalize MT program manager and member of Welocalize Technology Solutions Team, shares some of her highlights from the event in this follow-up blog.

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Brand2Global 2016 took place in Menlo Park, California. Leading global brand experts and professionals gathered to discuss trending topics in global marketing. Senior representatives from Welocalize and Adapt Worldwide participated in the event to help brand managers and leaders learn more about driving global digital strategies. Huw Aveston presented “Speaking the Same Language”, sharing some insights on bridging the divide between localization and marketing.

READ MORE: Welocalize and Adapt Worldwide Sponsor and Present at Brand2Global 2016 in Silicon Valley

AMTA 2016

The 12th biennial conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the America (AMTA) took place in Austin, Texas. AMTA have appointed Welocalize’s Olga Beregovaya as the new AMTA President and Welocalize Program Manager, Elaine O’Curran as Treasurer. The conference benefits everyone involved in machine translation, such as researchers, commercial users, and government users. Alex Yanishevsky, Welocalize Senior Manager, Globalization Technology Strategists, presented “I Ate Too Much Cake Beyond Domain-Specific MT Engines” at the AMTA 2016 conference.

Read more about the event highlights in a post by Elaine O’Curran, Welocalize Highlights From AMTA 2016 Conference.

The Welocalize team will be on the road again throughout 2017 and we hope to see you at the various events we’re participating in this year. Keep watch of our events posts, so we can connect. Come and say hello and let’s keep the conversation going!

Welocalize 2016 Year in Review

As 2016 draws to a close, we take a look back at some of Welocalize’s key highlights. This year, Welocalize has grown in market size, offices and employees, as well as clients and new services. We continue to focus on delivering exceptional customer service, innovation and quality through global teamwork to brands all over the world.

We have spent the past year talking with our clients, today and in the future, about how we can help them them along every step of their global journey.  It is our purpose. Here are some additional highlights from the past year.

JANUARY 2016: Our global footprint expands again. We officially opened two new regional offices located in Chicago, Illinois and Cluj, Romania. These offices further increased our geographic support to meet the growing demand for our global language services. Welocalize now has 21 global offices.

FEBRUARY 2016: Traffic Optimiser, acquired by Welocalize in December 2015, was officially branded to Adapt Worldwide in order to highlight our expanding “cultural adaptation” capabilities for digital media services and transcreation expertise.  Headquartered in London, Adapt Worldwide provides specialized multilingual digital marketing services to brand leaders. Throughout 2016, Adapt Worldwide has continued to grow their business and recently took up larger offices in London. Find out more about the acquistion in a blog written by Welocalize CEO, Smith Yewell: Localization Strategy Drives Adapt Worldwide Acquisition.

We also expanded our multilingual product and software testing facilities in Portland, Oregon. This increased testing lab space by 5,000 square feet with more than 100 testing seats, supporting Welocalize’s growing linguistic and functional testing services, as well as off-premise “secure” location staffing services.

MARCH 2016: Vice President of Corporate Development at Welocalize, Tuyen Ho presented at the Annual Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) Language of Business Conference, which took place in New York. Her presentation,“Abolish the Per Word Pricing Model,” was part of the corporate strategy section of the GALA. Tuyen’s expert presentation highlighted how today’s localization economics, such as per word pricing, impact innovation and growth in the industry. Welocalize will be in attendance of GALA 2017.  Drop us a note to connect!

APRIL 2016: Welocalize sponsored and presented at Localization World 2016 in Tokyo. Many senior Welocalize management took part in a number of high level discussions on trends impacting localization activities in Asian markets.  Welocalize hosted our inaugural LocLeaders Forum event in Tokyo, with special guest panelists, Yukako Ueda from NetApp, Hyunjoo Han from Autodesk and Tatsuya Hirai from Welocalize. Olga Beregovaya, renowned language automation expert and VP of technology solutions at Welocalize, moderated the evening’s panel discussion, “Expanding Your Global Reach.”  Welocalize will be participating in LocWorld33 Shenzhen – Feb 28 – Mar 2, 2017. If you are planning to attend, please contact

MAY 2016: One of our first acquisitions in life sciences, Nova Language Services joined Welocalize. With more than 20 years in the industry and strategically headquartered in Europe, Nova is strategically important to Welocalize’s growing portfolio of regulated industry language solutions for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device companies and contract research organizations. CLICK HERE to read insights on Welocalize’s approach to translation in regulated industries with a special interview with Erin Wynn, Welocalize Chief Customer Officer and Consol Casablanca.

JUNE 2016: The Welocalize team played a significant role at a number of localization events in June. As sponsors and presenters, the Welocalize presence was strong at Localization World 2016 Dublin. We also held LocLeaders Forum in Dublin, which brought together clients, language service experts to talk openly about current localization challenges Read more about the event in the LocLeaders Dublin 2016 Magazine.  

JULY 2016: Welocalize moved up the global top 10 rankings of leading language service providers, according to the report “The Language Services Market: 2016” by independent research firm, Common Sense Advisory (CSA). Welocalize is the 7th largest provider in the world, 4th largest in the US.  Welocalize also successfully achieved certification to the new quality management system standard ISO 9001:2015 for global operations across North America, Asia and Europe. Welocalize companies Park IP Translations and Agostini Associati also achieved the new ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. In August, Welocalize went on to achieve certification to the International Standard specific to translation service providers, ISO 17100:2015, for global operations across North America, Asia and Europe.

AUGUST 2016: The market leader in expert life science language services, Global Language Solutions (GLS), was acquired by Welocalize in August. This acquisition expands the multinational life sciences client portfolio and our industry-specific language services in life sciences, legal, regulatory and compliance, government and healthcare. Inc. Magazine placed GLS at No. 3,565 on its 2016 Inc. 5,000 list, an exclusive ranking of the USA’s fastest-growing companies. Together, Nova and GLS form Welocalize Life Sciences. CLICK HERE to read a special interview with Erin Wynn, Chief Customer Officer at Welocalize, Inna Kassakina, President and Co-Founder of GLS and Olga Smirnova, CEO and Co-Founder of GLS.

SEPTEMBER 2016: In September, Welocalize exhibited and sponsored two significant global marketing events, Content Marketing 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio and Brand2Global 2016 in Silicon Valley. Welocalize and Adapt Worldwide shared specialized expertise at both events on hot topics in marketing localization such as transcreation, digital content, SEO, mobile marketing, cultural adaptation and next generation content.  We presented the Digital Challenge highlighting the need to bridge the gap between localization and marketing. Take the quiz now!

OCTOBER 2016: Welocalize sponsored and exhibited at Localization World 2016 in Montreal, Canada and participated in the TAUS Annual Conference and TAUS Quality Evaluation Summit in Portland, Oregon. As part of the TAUS Annual Conference, The TAUS HAUS band, featuring Welocalize CEO, Smith Yewell, provided excellent rock ‘n roll entertainment for all attendees. Some of the world’s largest global brands attended the Welocalize LocLeaders Forum 2016 Montreal event, to discuss all aspects of the globalization journey. READ LocLeaders 2016 Montreal Magazine, which contains insights from a number of attendees including Microsoft, Dell EMC, Veritas, VMware, John Deere, GetYourGuide, Box and more.

NOVEMBER 2016: Welocalize welcomed clients, partners and leading localization experts to the inaugural LocLeaders Local 2016 Germany event which took place in Stuttgart. The event, which was held in German, focused on localization challenges for companies based in the DACH region and generated huge interest, with attendees requesting more events in 2017.

DECEMBER 2016:  Welocalize released our latest NPS Client Survey results, with our highest customer satisfaction score to-date.  Our client’s gave us an NPS rating of +41. Thank you to our clients for their valuable insights and feedback.  It is important to us as we continue our commitment to helping each of our brands in their global journey. It’s our purpose!

Welocalize has grown in every way since the start of 2016. We now have more than 1,000 employees, 21 global offices and significant presence in new services areas and industry sectors like digital marketing, transcreation, interpretation, transcription, life sciences, staffing and more!  We look forward to working with you in the New Year and wish everyone health and happiness in 2017.



Welocalize Sponsors and Presents at Localization World 2016 in Montreal

Frederick, Maryland – October 25, 2016 – Welocalize, global leader in innovative translation and localization solutions, is a sponsor and exhibitor at the upcoming Localization World 2016 taking place in Montreal, Canada at the Hotel Bonaventure on October 26-28. Welocalize global team experts will also be presenting and participating in several key panel discussions focused on “Engaging Global Customers” throughout the three day industry event.

As exhibitors, Welocalize globalization and language experts will be hosting a series of topical conversations in the new Welocalize Lounge exhibit space at LocWorld32.  They will be meeting with clients and vendors, sharing best practices to help brands expand their global reach.

“Welocalize is delighted to be playing such a prominent role in the Localization World 2016 Conference in Montreal and we look forward to leading the conversation on how to best engage global customers,” said Smith Yewell, CEO at Welocalize. “The Welocalize team will be driving discussions across a wide range of key globalization topics and we will be revealing our expanded language service offerings in life sciences, digital marketing, legal and regulatory, language automation, quality validation and more to support the entire globalization journey.”

Vice President of Corporate Development at Welocalize, Tuyen Ho, is hosting the LocWorld32 Growth Strategies Round Table, October 26, as part of the preconference program to stimulate discussion around mergers and acquisition activity in the language services industry.

Welocalize will be participating in a new, specially requested preconference session, “Attracting and Developing Talent: A LocWorld Initiative,” on October 26. The session examines challenges and solutions for educating professionally trained staff in the localization industry. Welocalize Talent Manager Frédérique Froment-Kelleghan will join presenters from the University of Texas at Arlington, PTC, Anzu Global, Cisco Systems Inc., and the University of Maryland.

Welocalize Senior Manager of Solutions Architects, Alex Yanishevsky, is presenting at two sessions at LocWorld. “Open Source in Corporations,” takes place Thursday, October 27 with co-presenters Jean Aurambault from Box, Alessandro Cattelan from MateCat and Yan Yu from Spartan Software Inc. Alex’s second presentation on Friday, October 28, “Multitasking with Translation Memories: How to Laugh, Cough and Sneeze in Parallel,” will cover the entire translation memory life cycle.

Welocalize Senior Client Services Director, Samantha Henderson, will join Katie Belanger from Intuit on October 28 to present, “Localization Models: The Search for the Optimal Linguistic Resource Model.”

montreal-badge-2016Welocalize will host their popular client event, LocLeaders Forum 2016 Montreal: The Globalization Journey, on Wednesday, October 26 at Scena, an architectural venue located on the Quays of the Old Port of Montreal. This exclusive event is a unique opportunity for global brands and localization leaders to openly discuss challenges and opportunities impacting their globalization strategies, including transparency, next generation content and the art and science of localization. Erin Wynn, Chief Customer Officer at Welocalize is hosting the event.

“We are delighted to be holding our 2016 LocLeaders Forum event in Montreal and we look forward to welcoming some of the world’s largest global brands to take part in some valuable discussions with our team of experts and special guest speakers,” said Jamie Glass, CMO and EVP of global service lines at Welocalize. “Welocalize’s Brennan Smith, Samantha Henderson and Huw Aveston will moderate discussions with client experts on transformative topics and best practices for supporting their growing business requirements across the entire globalization journey.”

To register for LocLeaders Montreal, visit

For more information about Localization World 2016 Montreal visit Follow Welocalize on Twitter at and with #LocLeaders for event updates.

Welocalize, Inc., founded in 1997, offers innovative language services to help global brands reach audiences around the world in more than 175 languages. We provide translation and localization services, talent management, language tools, automation and technology, quality and program management. Our range of managed language services include machine translation, digital marketing, validation and testing, interpretation, staffing and enterprise translation management technologies. We specialize in consumer, technology, manufacturing, learning, oil and gas, travel and hospitality, marketing and advertising, finance, legal and life sciences industry language solutions. With more than 1000 full-time employees worldwide, Welocalize maintains offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Japan and China.

Welocalize Sponsors and Presents at Localization World 2016 in Tokyo

Frederick, Maryland US and Tokyo, Japan – April 4, 2016 – Welocalize, global leader in innovative translation and localization solutions, is a sponsor and exhibitor at the upcoming Localization World 2016 conference taking place at the Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo.

Welocalize General Manager of Japan and Vice President of Asia Pacific, Mark Shriner, will co-present the LocWorld30 Tokyo keynote presentation, “The Growing Importance of Emerging Markets” with Mika Karashima and Rain Lau from Google, Motoki Moria from NEC Corporation and Allison McDougall from Lionbridge. This keynote presentation takes place on Friday, April 15 at 9:00 AM.

locworld-main-logoSenior Director of Corporate Development at Welocalize, Tuyen Ho, is moderating two discussions at LocWorld30 Tokyo. Tuyen will moderate a new LocWorld pre-conference session entitled, “Growth Strategies Round Table,” to stimulate discussion around mergers and acquisition activity in the language service industry. This half-day session takes place on Wednesday, April 13.  Tuyen is hosting a second LocWorld presentation by Chi-Wei Chang from Opower, “Behavioral Design for Everyone,” on Thursday, April 14 at 2:00 PM.

Welocalize executives and business development team members will be on hand at booth #7 to share knowledge and best practices surrounding the LocWorld30 conference theme, “Engaging Global Customers.” Welocalize specializes in developing language solutions for global brands and local Asian companies who require culturally adapting various types of content for local markets to take advantage of growing global business opportunities.

“Welocalize is delighted to be hosting our inaugural LocLeaders Forum 2016 Tokyo event and sponsoring, exhibiting and presenting at Localization World in Tokyo,” said Jamie Glass, CMO and EVP of global service lines at Welocalize. “We look forward to meeting with our clients and localization buyers from around the world who need to engage a language services provider that specializes a broad mix of customer-centric solutions, from localization testing to transcreation.”

LOCLEADERS 2016Welocalize will host the exclusive LocLeaders Forum 2016 Tokyo dinner on Wednesday, April 13. The event will feature our special guest panelists, Yukako Ueda from NetApp, Hyunjoo Han from Autodesk and Tatsuya Hirai from Welocalize. Olga Beregovaya, renowned language automation expert and VP of technology solutions at Welocalize, will be moderating the evening’s panel discussion, “Expanding Your Global Reach.”

Welocalize LocLeaders events are a unique opportunity for clients, colleagues and peers to take part in important discussions and share experiences on many globalization and localization trending topics. This hosted dinner and panel discussion event features members from the Welocalize executive and senior management team, exchanging ideas and challenges with industry peers on the subjects such as machine translation, post-editing, language quality, validation and testing, software localization and go-to-market strategies for organizations working within Asian markets. To register for LocLeaders Tokyo, visit

For more information about Localization World 2016 Tokyo visit

About Welocalize, Inc., founded in 1997, offers innovative language services to help global brands reach audiences around the world in more than 175 languages. We provide translation and localization services, talent management, language tools, automation and technology, quality and program management. Our range of managed language services include machine translation, digital marketing, validation and testing, interpretation, staffing and enterprise translation management technologies. We specialize in consumer, technology, manufacturing, learning, oil and gas, travel and hospitality, marketing and advertising, finance, legal and the life sciences industry language solutions. With more than 700 employees worldwide, Welocalize maintains offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Japan and China.

Media Contacts:

US: Jamie Glass,

Europe/Asia: Louise Law,


Welocalize Reviews Top Localization Events of 2015

iStock_000045192190_MediumWelocalize was on the road, taking part in a number of 2015 globalization and localization events in North America and Europe. We thought it would be a good time to reflect at some event highlights, along with several great references that capture details about some of our favorite industry forums.


Welocalize held two LocLeaders Forum events in 2015: LocLeaders Forum 2015 Silicon Valley: Game Changers and LocLeaders Forum 2015 Berlin: Elevating Results.

Welocalize LocLeaders Forum events are incredibly popular, attracting globalization and localization leaders from global brands and leading industry experts. Attendees and Welocalize senior management gather to openly exchange ideas, discuss challenges and collaborate about solutions. The format for the day is a combination of presentations, peer panel discussions and open floor Q&A sessions. Welocalize CEO, Smith Yewell hosted both events and at LocLeaders Silicon Valley, he delivered his crystal ball forecast for the industry in his presentation, How To Predict the Future. It which describes his vision around predictive analytics and how it will fundamentally change the localization industry and the way we do business.

Game Changers CoverWe publish the LocLeaders Magazine after each event, which is a widely read publication, containing featured blogs from attendees and articles about localization topics discussed during the day. It is a must read for all localization professionals




11008622_10152913810947283_2284498713384384521_nWelocalize launched the LocLeaders Local Forums in 2015, with two events. The inaugural events took place in Boston and Denver. We invited special guests to kick-off the networking and idea exchanges. Nancy Anderson of EMC was our featured guest in Boston. Molly Wendell Smith, who was also featured at our LocLeaders Forum in Berlin, shared valuable tips in building influence at the Denver LocLeaders Local.  Read more about building influence in Molly’s post, How to Build, Influence and Leverage Your Network.


IMG_7989The world’s globalization and localization leaders descended on Shanghai, Berlin and Santa Clara to attend Localization World 2015 events and to discuss significant topics affecting the industry and global business. Welocalize always fully supports the Localization World event series, as sponsor and exhibitor. Many of the Welocalize leadership team and Welocalize clients took part in presentations and discussions at all LocWorld events. Smith Yewell, Welocalize CEO, provided the keynote at the Welocalize Silicon Valley event.

Read more: Highlights from LocWorld28 Berlin

Read more: Welocalize Inside LocWorld29 and LocLeaders Silicon Valley 2015


Olga TAUS Haus bandYet again, TAUS organized some brilliant events and 2015 was no different. Welocalize attended key TAUS events in Europe and North America.  It was also where stories will be told about the TAUS HAUS Band’s sold out concert!

The TAUS Quality Evaluation Summit took place in Dublin in May and members of the Welocalize Language Tools team presented content on dynamic content and the use of MT technology. At the TAUS Industry Leaders Forum, held in Berlin in June, Smith Yewell, Welocalize CEO and Olga Beregovaya, VP of Language Tools, attended and participated in a number of discussions relating to translation automation. Read more in Olga’s blog, Four Key Highlights from TAUS Industry Leaders Forum 2015.

Welocalize leadership led industry discussions at the TAUS Roundtable, which took place in Washington D.C. in October and the TAUS Annual Conference, San Jose, held in October. The Roundtable discussions defined key strategies for translation in the 21st century and the theme of the TAUS Annual Conference was to drive change and innovation within the localization and translation industry. For more information see TAUS Website.


GALA_logoHeld in Sevilla, Spain, Welocalize shared industry insights at this important GALA industry conference in the presentation, “Localizing for Travel: Diverse Solutions for Diverse Needs”. The presentation generated many fascinating discussions, centered on the use of innovative translation technology, machine translation (MT) and post-edited machine translation (PEMT) to translate low impact content. Click here to read more and download the presentation.


picture perfect cmworld 2015 1 - CopyWelocalize exhibited at the Content Marketing World event, in Cleveland, Ohio, to meet with leading global brand and content marketers. This event was alive with fresh new ideas and techniques for developing compelling marketing content. Welocalize took on the selfie movement and talked about picture perfect content at the “everything orange” event. Conversations centered around localization of content, in all formats and types, to provide a multinational, multilingual customer experience. Welocalize shared insights and best practices for localizing global marketing content through language services and also gave away printed copies of the Welocalize eBook, Reaching Global Audiences: How to Localize Your Marketing Strategy.


brand2global whiteThis year’s Brand2Global event which took place in London this past October. Many leading global brand experts, Welocalize leadership, friends from Traffic Optimiser and clients took part in discussions on how to expand a brand’s international footprint and increase return on content. As sponsor and exhibitor, Welocalize experts were on hand to help attendees to grow their brand globally.


Rachel Lord NYU event 2Welocalize and Park IP representatives were honored to be present for an event held by the NYU School of Professional Studies entitled: Machine Translation (MT), CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) Tools and the Shifting Landscape of the Translation Industry. Welocalize Language Tools experts, Elaine O’Curran and Park IP Translations (a Welocalize company), Rachel Lord, joined a panel of six for a discussion on the merits and advantages of Computer Assisted Tools (CAT) tools within the translation workflow.


The Welocalize Language Tools team presented at the EAMT Conference 2015 in beautiful Antalya, Turkey, in May, sharing knowledge of advanced language technology and MT. Olga Beregovaya, Welocalize VP of Language Tools presented “What we want, what we need, what we absolutely can’t do without – an enterprises user’s perspective on MT technology and stuff around it”. Senior Computational Linguist Dave Landan presented “Streamlining Translation Workflows with Welocalize StyleScorer.” Click here to read more about Welocalize involvement in EAMT conference and to view both presentations.


The 15th Biennial Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas (AMTA) took place in November in Miami, Florida, USA. It is an international conference that, every two years, brings together researchers, developers and users of MT technology in industry and government. Experts from Welocalize Language Tools team took part and delivered two presentations on MT to attendees of this important MT event:

Presentation by Elaine O’Curran, Language Tool Expert and Program Manager: MT Quality Evaluations: From Test Environment to Production

Presentation by Alex Yanishevsky, Senior Manager: How Much Cake to Eat: The Case for Targeted MT Engines

Read more in the blog Welocalize Spotlights at AMTA MT Summit XV

The best events for Welocalize are when we can meet you, on the road, face-to-face. Welocalize will be out on the road once again in 2016, with exciting events planned throughout the year. Let’s connect! Where will you be in 2016?

Six Game Changers in Globalization and Localization

Derek McCann LocLeaders 2015 twoDerek McCann recently joined the Welocalize senior leadership team, having spent more than 20 years successfully managing many Microsoft localization programs and most recently, as head of  localization for Microsoft Windows®.  At the Welocalize LocLeaders Forum 2015 event, held at the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, Derek was a featured guest speaker, sharing his views on the topic of Game Changers in Globalization. In this blog, he details some of the significant and disruptive influences that are shaping the industry today and in the future.

We recently finished a busy week of localization events in Santa Clara. For me, it was the first time I had taken part at the Localization World conference and Welocalize LocLeaders events as a supplier of language services. Having spent so many years in the industry at Microsoft, on the buyer-side, I was in a really advantageous position when I spoke to the crowd at the Welocalize LocLeaders event. We had localization professionals from so many global brands in the room, I had a good idea what might be going through their minds and some insight into some of the frustrations and delights they were experiencing with their globalization and localization programs.

LocLeaders 2015 threeJoining Welocalize gives me opportunity to bring fresh perspective into the industry. Welocalize has great personality and a sense of humor. We’re not just pushing the sales agenda, we want to deliver great experience and continue to build great values within our clients and employees. It’s a growing company with a small company mentality. We will grow with our global brand clients and have the honest conversations, not deliver a magical (and undeliverable) sales pitch. And to grow, we have to embrace change. We’ve hit a point of inflection within the localization industry. Nothing bad has happened; however, localization needs have changed. It’s not just about words and volumes anymore, it’s  about a set of localization services to offer to our clients, with the emphasis on customer experience and really considering customer sentiment. We have to deliver customer-centric value and experience to ensure our client’s needs are met.

To embrace this change, we have to consider the following “Game Changer” approaches and strategies in localization.

#1 – GAME CHANGER: TRANSLATION AND LOCALIZATION IS NOT A UTILITY. We are working in an environment which is no longer just about words or even volumes. It’s about customer experience, measuring customer sentiment, changing technology, new content types, emerging markets and evolving customer demand. They are all impacting the way we localize. With the growth of the Internet, it is relatively easy to grow and trade globally, build an international presence. Global brands achieve that by offering a brand experience, not a homogenous product. In many cases today, the buyer of localization services is looking for a partnership. This is a partnership that can solve problems. A partnership that can create solutions and not a set of menus that they can chose from, but real solutions from trusted partners.

#2 – GAME CHANGER: MT IS PART OF OUR LIVES. At the LocLeaders event, I talked about the “MT-pilot.” Piloting is an over-used word in our industry. MT has arrived. It’s an essential part of our lives and part of our programs – now. It is an extremely good tool to deal with huge volumes of content. The only piloting needed is implementation piloting. Sometimes it does need post-editing; however, for tackling the rise of low impact content, like user-generated content (UGC), it is perfect. We shouldn’t be piloting MT, we should just be doing it. Too much human intervention slows things down. Automation of the translation workflow keeps content and data flowing.

#3 – GAME CHANGER: BE AGILE. Having worked for many years in the software industry, I have witnessed a great revolution in how we build, develop and distribute technology and software. Historically, we may have built a product (source and localized version), with a release due every two-three years. That schedule no longer meets the needs of our hungry end-users. THERE IS NO BIG RELEASE DATE! Technology providers deliver constant iterations in a “trickle” approach. Waterfall is out, agile development is in. New features, patches, updates and bug fixes – end users want these automatically downloaded to their device with localized versions being sent out simultaneously. Agile software development needs an agile approach in localization. Small packages of content released rapidly and continuously into the translation workflow is the new velocity in the technology space.

#4 – GAME CHANGER: OUR END-USERS TALK FREELY. In complex localization programs, errors do occur. When they occur, your end-users will talk openly, freely and loudly about them. One tiny error in a translated string or a broken or non-global  feature in localized software could soon go viral through posts on social media or industry forums. End-users love to talk about their experiences with products and services and with the use of the Internet and mobile technology, they can talk about your product anytime, anywhere to anyone all over the world. Not only do global brands need to avoid negatively impacting the customer experience, they also need to know and hear what people are saying about them. Monitoring social media output is a new emerging area for many global brands. This is another area where MT is a key tool. MT with light post-editing can help organization understand what is being said about them and also increase the reach of positive social media to other geographies by publishing translated reviews and posts. End-users speak early and often. We need to listen to them.

#5 – GAME CHANGER: BIG DATA. This was a big discussion topic that carried on throughout LocLeaders and at LocWorld29. The general consensus was that we have a deluge of data, though very few people know how to manage and use data to help make intelligent business and localization decisions. Data means nothing if you can’t base any decisions on it. A good dashboard helps present data in a way where you can make decisions and as a language service provider, we need to empower our clients with technology to ensure their localization data is presented in a way that works and that our translators have access to the information. At Welocalize, we want to build that muscle and give data real meaning.

#6 – GAME CHANGER: THE SUPPLY CHAIN AND IN-CONTEXT REVIEW. The needs of the translation supply chain has evolved. To simply do blind translations is no longer sufficient. Translators, linguists and reviewers are brand ambassadors. They need to learn more about the context of the content. Content is not king, context is king. By providing the supply chain with information about the content, products and company, this will empower translators. The translation supply chain needs a higher level of humility and attention to changing buyer priorities. This will be driven by changing perceptions and providing further efficiency in the translation technology workflow, giving the right people access to the right information.

Derek McCann, Vice President at WelocalizeMy first LocLeaders event was a great experience where I saw many old friends and made new ones. I feel Welocalize is equally committed to making change happen and not just talk about it. I’m excited to be part of a team who will influence change in the industry, taking us to a place where we can go beyond what we all expect.


Based in the US, Derek joined Welocalize in September 2015 to direct the Western US Sales and Operations teams. Read more:

Welocalize Sponsors and Presents at Localization World 2015 in Silicon Valley

Frederick, Maryland – October 7, 2015 – Welocalize, global leader in innovative translation and localization solutions, is a sponsor and exhibitor at the upcoming Localization World 2015 conference taking place at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley, October 13-16.

LocWorldLogoTaglineSmWEBWelocalize CEO Smith Yewell is a featured keynote along with his guest panelists Andy Jacobson from Blackboard, Walter Paulsen from Qvivr and Sergio Pelino from Google. The topic for their discussion, which takes place Friday, October 16 at 11:30 AM, is “How to Predict the Future.”

Senior Director of Corporate Development at Welocalize, Tuyen Ho, is moderating two panel discussions at LocWorld. The first session, “What’s On the Mind of an Enterprise TMS Buyer?,” takes place Thursday, October 15 at 2:45 PM with panelists Tim Brandall from Netflix, Inger Jurajda from National Instruments and Julien Mira from Cisco. Tuyen’s second panel, “Dynamic Website Content: Is it Possible to Keep Multiple Multilanguage Sites in Sync?,” takes place Friday, October 16 at 10:00 AM and features Rick Redondo from Marketo and Scott Yancey from Cloudwords.

Welocalize’s Leslie Yewell will join Marie Hanabusa from Blackboard to deliver a joint presentation, “Reimagining Localization — It’s All about the User,” on Friday, October 16 at 2:15 PM.

The Welocalize team will meet with industry colleagues and localization buyers at exhibit #203, sharing insights and perspectives on a wide range of trending subjects including globalization, managed services, websites, apps, testing, transcreation and language automation solutions.

“Welocalize plays an important role in this year’s Localization World event in Silicon Valley,” said Smith Yewell, CEO at Welocalize.  “We will be generating thought-provoking discussions around topics that are going to change our industry, like predictive analytics, the Internet of Things and personalization of the customer experience. We will also be introducing our latest leadership team member, Derek McCann, VP of the Western Region, North America at Welocalize. Prior to joining us, Derek spent 23 years running some of the largest localization program in the world at Microsoft.”

LOCLEADERS FORUM SILICON VALLEY 2015Prior to Localization World, Welocalize will host their exclusive client event, LocLeaders Forum 2015 Silicon Valley: Game Changers, taking place at the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara on Wednesday, October 14. This premier event provides a peer collaboration forum for global brands and localization leaders to discuss strategies, economics and innovative approaches to global market demands for localization and culturally-adapted communications. For additional information, visit

For more information on LocWorld29 Silicon Valley visit

About Welocalize – Welocalize, Inc., founded in 1997, offers innovative translation and localization solutions helping global brands to grow and reach audiences around the world in more than 157 languages. Our solutions include global localization management, translation, supply chain management, people sourcing, language services and automation tools including MT, testing and staffing solutions and enterprise translation management technologies. With more than 600 employees worldwide, Welocalize maintains offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan and China.

Welocalize Guide to the Global Localization Industry

Guide to the Global Localization IndustryThere is a growing demand for outsourced language services worldwide. Welocalize is one of the world’s leading providers of localization and translation services. We are ranked as the 4th largest language service provider in the United States and 9th largest provider in the world, according to Common Sense Advisory (CSA). There are an estimated 18,000 language service providers, both single language and multilingual. That means you have many choices.

To help organizations navigate the industry and go global, we want to share our industry expertise and give you a quick guide to the global localization industry.

Why Localize?

Adapting brands, products and services to reach an international customer is essential for global success. Each product, whether sold to individual consumers (B2C) or business buyers (B2B), require a plethora of communications in the form of published content, including instruction manuals, websites and user interfaces, marketing and promotional materials, packaging, legal and compliance documentation, technical information, digital media, customer help and much more. To effectively reach your intended audience, your content has to be consumable and understood by your target. You need to have a local strategy to truly go global.

Although many consumers will research in the English language and buy English language products, business buyers strongly favor local language websites and products. Even imperfect localization meets the needs of many business buyers. According to the Common Sense Advisory (CSA) Report “Why Localization Matters for Corporate Buyers,” 51% of business buyers would buy a product with poor-quality localization instead of English. Translated product reviews – and nothing else translated – provide significant help in the decision making process for 75% of business buyers. Failure to localize your content, dramatically reduces your reach and can hurt your prospects of growing your business in different locales around the world.

How Big is the Language Services Market?

According CSA, the 2015 market for outsourced language services and supporting technology is US$38.16 billion. It is growing at an annual rate of 6.46%.  To remain competitive in the world economy, language services is a top priority in any globalization strategy.

Where Do Localization Managers Start?

Global organizations need to identify those local markets and customers who require content in local languages,. The next step is to audit and prioritize their content based on the potential global reach and target audience. Organizations sometimes make the mistake of not translating all the content that will be distributed across boundaries and into different geographic regions. This can slow down sales results and impact revenues. The question to never ask, doesn’t everyone speak English? There are more than 7,000 spoken languages in the world.  It is estimated that a business can reach the majority of global consumers in 12 to 29 languages, depending on the statistical source. What languages are top priority for you and your business?

As recommended by your peers in the industry, localization managers must make a good business case for translation and localization to internal stakeholders, based on data, analytics, knowledge of local markets and how content is consumed. Make sure this knowledge and any subsequent localization strategy is linked to corporate objectives and goals. For example, if a company goal is to grow globally in BRIC countries, investment in localization will aid any revenue generating activity targeted at new, emerging geographical markets. Further Reading: Seven Tips to Evangelize Localization at Your Company.

As localization and translation is often an outsourced service, a key component for success is partnering with the right language service provider (LSP). A good LSP will be expert at “going global” and reaching local markets. They will need to have the right knowledge and experience based on industry, content type, service offerings and capabilities based on your specific requirements.  It is essential rely on experts who have a qualified and vetted network and connections to provide the best talent within a given supply chain to meet your specific requirements. Further Reading: What is Your Localization Strategy Missing to Succeed?

What Criteria do Your Peers Use in Evaluating Language Service Providers?

Welocalize surveyed hundreds of localization buyers to learn their top 10 criteria for choosing a language service provider.  Each participant chose their top three criteria and the results are summarized below:

Welocalize Client Survey Results Presentation 6-10-2014

What Should You Look for in a Language Service Provider?

All of the above criteria are extremely important.  You need to find the best match for your defined business needs and requirements. Scope, reach and flexibility does matter. Equally important is the proven experience to work with multiple stakeholders in a business to help them achieve their specific business objectives. Speed and quality are always expected with predictable results from a top service provider.  It is very important that your partner can work with you to align your program to business outcomes. This provides the winning formula for a great partnership.  The provider needs to be solutions focused, looking for solving business challenges that are not expected today. It’s about being proactive. Transparency is fundamental to any great relationship and provides you the opportunity to win – together!

If you want global reach, then your primary LSP must have the ability to target the right resources with speed and agility to serve your current and future demands – for all your target markets and languages Products and services must be adapted to local markets and they also need to be adapted to different industry sectors, audience types and content types. For example, the US-manufacturing sector may differ dramatically from Northern Europe. As well as the obvious differences in language and culture, there will also be different legislation, standards and buyer habits across local industries. It’s a collective and complex matrix that a qualified language service provider can manage for you, if they have the right level of experience and expertise.  A proven localization provider will have the relevant experience to understand and adapt to all geographic and industry differences.

In addition to the top 10 list above, here are what Welocalize’s defines as must-have characteristics for choosing a localization partner:


Further Resources for Buyers of Localization Services

As well as talking to your LSP, there are a number of good global industry resources to help you understand localization, translation, interpreting and associated technology.

  • Common Sense Advisory: Independent research firm, publishing market research for global 2000 companies on best practices in translation, localization, interpreting, internationalization and globalization.
  • Globalization and Translation Association (GALA): A non-profit membership organization and the world’s leading trade association for the language industry.
  • TAUS: An independent think tank and resource center for the global translation industry. Join us in October in Washington, DC and San Jose at the upcoming TAUS events.
  • Multilingual Magazine: Published each month, Multilingual is a good information resource relating to language and business. It covers a wide range of topics relevant to the language industry and what it takes to take your product international.
  • Welocalize LocLeaders Magazine. Welocalize hosts peer-to-peer collaboration events for senior decision-makers involved in globalization. The Welocalize LocLeaders Forum main events, held in Europe and North America, enables clients and colleagues to openly discuss key topics relating to localization. In follow-up to our two primary events, we publish an e-magazine which summarizes the thoughts and opinions of those who attended. Click here to see the Welocalize e-magazine for LocLeaders Berlin.
  • Localization World Conferences. The LocWorld events are great opportunities to engage with your peers to learn industry trends and address different needs and challenges.  Welocalize is a sponsor of these events and will be in Silicon Valley at the next LocWorld in October.

If you have any questions about the localization industry or choosing a LSP, simply drop me a line at


Louise Law is Global Communications Manager at Welocalize

What Will Create the Most Localization Buzz in Vancouver?

518524019As the preparations for Localization World Vancouver intensifies, we take a look into our crystal ball and predict what we think are some of the most buzzworthy topics sure to top the list at the many Vancouver localization industry events this October including LocWorld, TAUS, AMTA and LocLeaders.

Welocalize participates in the industry events each year because it provides us a chance to meet with peers, colleagues and clients and find out what their expectations are in the translation and localization industry. It is important for Welocalize to be at the forefront of the industry, to learn, share and collaborate. We want to participate in discussions on any subject relating to globalization and localization innovation and listen to what clients need to be at the forefront of their industry!

Here are a few predictions for what we think will be creating a lot of localization buzz in Vancouver:


It’s time to focus on results. The localization industry events in Vancouver will be forums where vendors and localization buyers will be talking about how to align translation to business outcomes. How can we start demonstrating business success that is directly a result from all the work we are doing together?

Watch for advice on how people are achieving greater and faster speed and scalability on getting products to market, increasing sales and reaching new customers. Welocalize will share our experience of how companies are getting optimal quality for different content types, while increasing speed-to-market through automation – saving time and money.

Look for how LSPs and experts can help you measure and align the work performed to your business and corporate objectives. Let’s elevate translation beyond being just a transaction and demonstrate that how it drives the business forward through market expansion and by entering new geographies. It’s up to all of us to help businesses associate outcomes that result from localization and translation back to company boards and executive teams.


Another hot topic we expect to be hearing is how to measure return on content (ROC). What is the expected impact of the translation? Will it drive revenue, create a call-to-action, open a new conversation, educate a user, or increase awareness of your brand?  The impact should drive your decisions for time, cost and speed of your translation projects. Which content types have the highest impact on the brand? When should you accept “good enough” translations?  Is gisting OK for UGC?

The localization industry needs to be primed and ready to make their case for 2015 for defining return on content investments. Listen for the tips on how localization strategies change based on the content type, scale, voice, time and quality definitions.


No surprise that language automation and translation technologies will be driving a lot of conversations at the upcoming localization events. The whole industry is evolving and whether we look at content source analysis, translation memories or using hybrids of machine translation (MT) and post-editing, automation is here and demand is high.  In the cloud, online and fast – we want it all!  Translation automation is enabling high velocity and lower cost translations to meet the growing content demands.

We need to stay true to what matters most in translation. Content must be translated with the appropriate quality. It is up to all of the professionals, including translators, linguists, post-editors, engineers, project managers, developers and language automation experts to work together to move our industry solutions forward. Everyone wants great quality, faster and working within a budget. What must intertwine all the components together to meet the needs of today’s global businesses based on expected ROC and outcomes.

We predict process, technology and people will be the underlying themes to all these buzzworthy conversations.  How are we changing? What can we learn about where we have been? What do we need to do to move forward?

LocLeaders VancouverOur exclusive LocLeaders Forum 2014 in Vancouver will be a place for many of these buzzworthy topics, as experts and localization peers from global organizations gather to talk about “Scaling Up!”  On the table at LocLeaders this year are topics that include scaling your organization to meet demand, adapting new technologies and how risk impacts your localization decision-making.  Designed and led by localization leaders, this will be an insightful place to hear the most noteworthy buzz! If you would like information about this event, drop me a line at

Hope to see you in Vancouver!


Jamie Glass will be in Vancouver for the LocWorld conference, October 28-31. You can follow her updates on Twitter @welocalizejamie and through #LocLeaders. If you want to catch up with her in person, visit Welocalize booth #302 or send an email. She will also be taking part in Welocalize’s LocLeaders Forum in Vancouver on Wednesday, October 29.  Welocalize will be participating in a number of panel discussions at the TAUS Annual Conference, October 27-28, held at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.  Our Language Tools and Automation team will be participating in the AMTA-2014 events October 22-26.

Click here to see a video recording of Welocalize sharing the value of LocWorld and why Welocalize participates in these great events.  The interview took place in Silicon Valley, October 2013.

Pushing Boundaries at LocLeaders and LocWorld Dublin 2014

ogla blOlga Blasco, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Production Business Units at Welocalize, led the discussion “What Not to Translate” at the recent LocLeaders Forum in Dublin. At Localization World 2014, Olga took part as a featured panelist at the LocWorld keynote discussion on day two, “Keep Calm and Carry On,” which detailed how to best manage disruptive innovations. In this blog, she shares her key takeaways from both discussions.

As I reflected on our LocLeaders Forum in Dublin and the LocWorld conference that followed, one overriding thought emerged: The power of “what if” is constantly accelerating the pace of change and disruptive innovation in our industry.

Today’s market economics have forced all of us to reassess how to maximize return on global content by whatever means possible. We have collectively evolved from articulating the challenges created by an ever increasing demand for product content diversity and consumption across the globe. This means we need to actively pursue alternative approaches to the time, quality and cost equation so that we can make wider and speedier brand reach more possible.

How many of us got to this point with a bold “what if” conversation? What if we could significantly improve turn-around-times (TAT) on marketing content whilst maintaining high quality? What if we could rely on brand enthusiasts to translate the products? What if user-generated content (UGC) could be quickly made available in any language to guarantee reach? What if we could increase the funds available to penetrate new markets while maintaining or reducing the total localization budget?

The key to turning all this to reality is pushing the usual boundaries in relation to what, who, how and why and build flexibility into the supply chain. The most difficult part is to create a sustainable ecosystem where inefficiencies are not just moved from one entity to another in the process.  Emphasis is being put on using technology as a true productivity and sourcing enabler, matching the right talent match to content type and adopting quality evaluation (QE) methodologies that are aligned to content impact purpose.

Here are some of my takeaways from the discussions at LocLeaders Forum 2014 and LocWorld in Dublin:

  • Sophisticated MT programs, especially those that involve high-visibility content, can only be successful if there is continued investment into training both the MT engines and the supply chain to deliver higher post-editing (PE) productivity and consistent quality results. This requires long-term commitment from engine developers and LSPs, like Welocalize. Being able to demonstrate results and linking them to business objectives is directly proportional to over-coming resistance and augmenting adoption across all stakeholders.
  • Access to individual talent credentials is quickly becoming a prerequisite to choosing the right business partner. Building confidence is more effective and has positive effects in the relationship when the black box disappears (see Smith’s blog, Dating Websites, Black Boxes and Translation Quality). Buyers want to be reassured that every single resource working on their deliverables is the best possible choice to deliver the brand message. Not only that, buyers also expect LSP’s to ensure that qualified supply is available, ready and motivated to perform.
  • The importance of attracting, training and retaining talent fit for purpose is a topic that took center stage at a few sessions and is top priority for both clients and LSPs. In critical target markets driving high content demand, we are experiencing shortages in specialized resources and recruitment conversion rates can be low even at the most tolerant SLA tiers. Among the different initiatives being discussed on how to close this significant gap, here are the ones gaining most traction:
  1. Creating greater and better defined opportunity and localization career path awareness through social media campaigns and webinar event presence
  2. Identifying academic champions in key markets that can influence university curriculum that speak to the needs of the localization industry
  3. Invest in client/LSP driven training programs that continuously develop university graduates or professionals from other industries who present the right potential into becoming experts and create loyalty and continuity to deliver returns
  • Crowdsourcing is gaining traction among us as a successful means to cast a larger net on a wider spectrum of talent skill sets and configurations to deliver bilingual services outside of traditional supply chain models. Some leading brands are turning to non-professional, passionate users to deliver some services under professional community moderation. Recognition awards, easy-to-use community on-boarding platforms and tool training modules are a few of the necessary investments to keep the crowds engaged beyond financial compensation.
  • There is a clear demand for innovation in relation to quality strategy and execution, particularly in relation to measuring brand voice and sentiment adherence as part of evaluation process beyond the time-consuming feedback loops between stakeholders, reviewers and translators. There has been significant progress since the launch of TAUS DQF and many organizations have also been customizing their own quality models further to address this need. However, other interesting ideas on the table include dynamically correlating quality scores to user experience ratings and product reach. This will open an interesting dimension to budget allocation and decision-making as regards to maximizing return on content.

Pushing boundaries together is the most exciting part of our business. Let’s keep the momentum going!


Olga Blasco is Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Production Business Units at Welocalize.


Welocalize Sponsors Localization World 2014 in Dublin

gI_120505_LW_LogoCntrdGlobeTypeFrederick, Maryland – May 21, 2014 – Welocalize, global leader in innovative translation and localization solutions, is a proud sponsor and  exhibitor at the upcoming Localization World 2014 taking place at the Convention Centre Dublin, June 4 – 6.

Welocalize senior leaders are participating in conference sessions as hosts, panelists and presenters. They will share expertise related to disruptive innovations on topics related to language technologies and automation, translation quality and agile localization. The Welocalize team will also meet with industry professionals, clients and colleagues at exhibition booth #48.

“Welocalize is looking forward to having a prominent role at this year’s Localization World 2014 Conference in Dublin through our attendance and participation,” said Smith Yewell, CEO at Welocalize.  “Welocalize’s Dublin location is one of our centers of excellence, so we see this as an excellent opportunity to use our local presence to actively share, listen and learn in a place that has great significance to our organization.”

A quick summary of Welocalize planned activities at Localization World 2014 Dublin include:

Welocalize is also hosting the premier LocLeaders Forum 2014Reaching Impact” at The Marker Hotel in Dublin. The exclusive exchange brings together key localization leaders and global brands to share best practices and talk openly about challenges and current trends.

Welocalize is supporting and participating in the Djouce Mountain Flag Challenge to help raise funds for Pádraig Schäler. For details, visit  For more information about Localization World 2014 Dublin, visit

About Welocalize – Welocalize, Inc., founded in 1997, offers innovative translation and localization solutions helping global brands to grow and reach audiences around the world in more than 125 languages. Our solutions include global localization management, translation, supply chain management, people sourcing, language services and automation tools including MT, testing and staffing solutions and enterprise translation management technologies. With over 600 employees worldwide, Welocalize maintains offices in the United States, UK, Germany, Ireland, Japan and China.

Press release: 

LocWorld First-Timer: Top Three Observations from LocWorld Silicon Valley

By Monique Nguyen, Business Development Director, San Mateo

monique and clarissa at locworld 2013I recently attended the Localization World Silicon Valley conference. It was my first time at LocWorld and I found it to be right on the mark, not too big, not too small, not too boring! I thought I would share my top three observations:

#1 – People walked in each other’s shoes. The variety of topics and companies giving the presentation talk tracks allowed both vendors and buyers to see things from both perspective. This I found to be very useful. Language Service Providers need to fully understand the challenges buyers of language services are facing. The buyers are needing more flexibility and agility in the localization supply chain.

#2 – Translation Automation. Tools! I sat in a lot of sessions where there was a great deal of discussion around tools to help automate the translation process. This included highlights of the various tools available for the different models of centralization or decentralization. Larger organizations tend to outsource versus using an in-house model and quite often need to manage multiple (LSP) vendors. This provided good discussion material for questions like, how do you select your (LSP) vendor? What are best practices for managing multiple vendors?

#3 – So much content! Where to prioritize? There’s more content then ever flowing rapidly through the translation workflow but the projects are smaller in size. The turnaround time now for projects is hours not weeks. Different content types present different complexities. More words, same budget. Buyers of language services must do a thorough analysis of their markets and content to prioritize where to invest in localization. Different content has a different impact on the brand and business so we need different pricing models and quality levels depending on content type. Localization vendors must offer greater flexibility.

We’re really excited to help our clients close out 2013 and plan for 2014. It is our mission to help our clients identify the most productive way to meet demands while elevating the level of sophistication for quality and technology, achieving more with less.


You can read more insights from LocLeaders Forum Silicon Valley and Localization World 2013 by visiting

You Spin Me Right Round Localization, Translation, Automation, Quality, Oh My!

by Jamie Glass, Sr Director Global Marketing at Welocalize

Driving Return on Content LocLeaders 2013As hundreds gathered in Silicon Valley for “all things localized”, it was evident to this first-time events attendee this was a very busy intersection where marketers, linguists and heads of globalization came to learn, assess and continue discussing industry changes and hot topics.

As a prelude to the LocWorld conference, we hosted our exclusive LocLeaders 2013 Forum to gain valuable insights first hand from key decision-makers.  Our central topic for LocLeaders focused on driving return on content (ROC). As some refer to it, solving the “how to get more value for our spend” challenge.  We carried this theme over to Localization World and set the stage to invite others in on the discussion about ROC.

How do you get people talking about return on content? My initial observation was you needed good food and comfortable seating.  Add an interesting movie, checkered flags, some delicious energy snacks and water bottles. Now mix in a host of who’s who in localization and that guarantees a non-stop conversation for several days.

Club Auto Sport in San Jose was the perfect venue for the get together for LocLeaders.  We sped through a variety of topics with market and industry experts focusing on current road blocks and ways to fast track results. At the top of the list, a high demand for insights and shared experiences in translation automation, quality standardization, integrated technology and “new approaches” to addressing the customary time, quality and price debate.

There were many themes that weaved their way into the conversations throughout LocLeaders and Localization World 2013 Conference in San Jose.  Supporting the theme to drive greater return on content, Welocalize introduced weimpact at LocLeaders and later at Localization World. We showcased our innovative approach to eliminate the “one-size-fits-all” translation service methodology which no longer serves 21st century localization requirements for most global companies.

Attendees of both events chatted with our Welocalize team members. Derek Coffey and Vincent Swan both addressed a consistent flow of questions about GlobalSight, current technologies and trends.  Our resident MT expert Olga Beregovaya engaged in multiple deep conversations about growing demands for machine translation and quality improvements. Welocalize solution experts Erin Wynn, Tuyen Ho and Monique Nguyen had ongoing meetings to catch-up with our valued clients and learn how we can help future clients achieve their business goals. Clarissa Stewart unveiled our full-service westaffing solution.

I observed, listened, learned, socialized and took notes from the constant whirlwind of activities, surviving on plenty of well-planned energy snacks! I learned that global brands want flexible localization and translation solutions that address the voluminous content requirements in multiple formats in various languages, with considerations for improving speed, accuracy, and utility. No matter how spinning the conversation, we always ended on the same note – they simply want a better return on their content investments.

It is assuring to know that our weimpact solutions use a customer-centric approach to meet specific and variable localization objectives utilizing real-time business intelligence. It’s a proven way to achieve the greatest measurable success. You can learn more about what we previewed at LocLeaders and Localization World by visiting

We plan to continue the conversation about ROC.  If you missed the event or we did not get a chance to connect, please reach out. You can follow my updates here: @welocalizejamie.


You can read more insights from LocLeaders Forum Silicon Valley and Localization World 2013 by visiting

LocWorld Talks: Welocalize and Intuit Silver Linings Playbook

Tuyen Ho and Render Chiu at LocWorld 2013No Bradley or Jennifer, Just a Great MT Story by Tuyen Ho

At this year’s Localization World in Silicon Valley, Tuyen Ho, Senior Director at Welocalize and Render Chiu, Group Manager for Global Content & Localization at Intuit delivered a joint presentation. Their presentation “Silver Linings Playbook: Intuit’s MT Journey” drew crowds. Maybe it was the hope that Bradley Cooper or Jennifer Lawrence might be assisting with the PowerPoint?

Actually, attendees were drawn to this session because of the powerful story that Tuyen and Render told of how a company can go from zero to MT readiness across 10 languages in three months. Tuyen shared key highlights from her LocWorld presentation. View the presentation here.

Welocalize’s client, Intuit, is a global software company with annual revenues exceeding $4 billion from their widely known marquee products like QuickBooks, TurboTax and Quicken. The company goal is to become THE global small business operating system. To grasp this huge global opportunity, compare the number of small businesses in the US versus rest-of-world (ROW):  $29M (US) to $600M (ROW). That’s why translation and localization are critical to Intuit’s growth strategy.

The challenge was how to go from supporting one non-English language (Canadian French) to 10 additional languages as fast as possible. Consider the starting point in mid-2012:  codebase not yet internationalized, limited language assets to jump-start the MT engine training, and a small localization program team.

Render, my co-presenter, knew he needed a silver lining to position Intuit for globalization readiness. Machine Translation (MT) became a natural consideration because the approach addresses scale, cost and time to market. Because quality could not be compromised, enabling post-editing to MT output was also critical. So, where to begin?

The first and enduring silver lining was actually Intuit content itself. Although Intuit did not have glossaries or other bi-lingual language assets, Intuit content was structured beautifully. Intuit English-source content was authored using Simplified Technical English (STE), which resulted in a higher level of consistency, precision and clarity in terminology and sentence structure. MT engines love this. And, because of the quality of the source content, Welocalize was able to train the MT engines with very little training data, which saved both money and time to translate.

Next, the team leveraged open-source TMS GlobalSight, which offers built-in MT engine connectors, enabling Intuit to proceed with the project, while integration efforts were done in parallel behind the scenes instead of being in the critical path.

So where is Intuit in its MT journey today? The milestone that we have reached is the deployment of an MT program (technology + people) that is ready to handle a broad range of content type across Intuit products, including website and Help content for 10+ languages.  The journey continues on to considering content beyond text, for example, video content.  There will certainly be challenges ahead, but with the team collaboration, early successes and lessons learned, Intuit will enjoy more silver linings ahead.

You can view the full slide presentation “Silver Linings Playbook: Intuit’s MT Journey” at

You can read more insights from LocLeaders Forum Silicon Valley and Localization World 2013 by visiting

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Get Fit at GlobalSight Boot Camp at LocWorld in Silicon Valley

gI_120505_LW_LogoCntrdGlobeTypeWelocalize’s GlobalSight Boot Camp will take place Wednesday, October 9, 2013 from 2:00 -5.30 PM (PDT) at the Localization World 2013 Silicon Valley Preconference held at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara.

Welocalize Senior Solutions Architect, Vincent Swan, will provide a demonstration and  intensive training on the latest release of GlobalSight 8.5. The fast-paced session gives attendees a complete run down of Welocalize’s popular open-source translation management system (TMS). Vincent, a localization systems expert, will reveal innovative new features in GlobalSight 8.5 including the integration with the offline editor OmegaT.

The GlobalSight Boot Camp is one of the scheduled sessions for Localization World 2013 Silicon Valley taking place October 9-11. The in-depth training includes a collaborative discussion, in addition to GlobalSight feature demonstrations and shared user experiences. There will also be an opportunity to meet some key members from the Welocalize GlobalSight team, who work closely with the community of contributors building the in-demand TMS.  They will be participating in the Boot Camp discussion and highlighting best practices for translators, administrators, technical teams and client users.

GlobalSight Boot Camp Program:

Welocalize is a bronze sponsor of the Localization World Conference in Silicon Valley. Visit us in the Exhibit Hall at booth #203.

The new version of GlobalSight 8.5 is available for download at and

Welocalize and Intuit Detail Machine Translation Achievement at Localization World in Silicon Valley

FREDERICK, MD – October 2, 2013 – Welocalize Senior Director of North America Sales, Tuyen Ho and Group Manager of Global Content and Localization at Inuit, Render Chiu, will present “Silver Linings Playbook – Intuit’s MT Journey” at the upcoming Localization World Conference in Silicon Valley, October 9 – 11, 2013.

Both will share insights how Intuit, working with Welocalize, architected a machine translation (MT) program meeting an aggressive launch schedule that now supports the entire enterprise. The presentation will take place on Friday, October 11 at 9:00 AM (PDT).

Render Chiu leads Intuit’s global content and localization organization with responsibility for their localization platform strategy. He has more than 15 years of globalization experience. The presentation highlights Intuit’s key objective to launch software into many global markets.

“We will detail the stages of how two dynamic teams worked together, faced with the challenge to implement machine translation in record time, in order to meet Intuit’s imminent global product launch schedule,” said Tuyen Ho at Welocalize. “It is a story with valuable lessons and a happy ending.”

Welocalize will also be exhibiting at Localization World Silicon Valley at booth 203.  Visit the Welocalize events listing at to learn about all of Welocalize’s presentations and activities taking place during the week of LocWorld. To register or learn more about the conference, visit

Presentation: Silver Linings Playbook – Intuit’s MT Journey 


About Welocalize – Welocalize, Inc., founded in 1997, offers innovative translation and localization solutions helping global brands to grow and reach audiences around the world in more than 120 languages. Our solutions include global localization management, translation, supply chain management, people sourcing, language services and automation tools including MT, testing and staffing solutions and enterprise translation management technologies. With over 660 employees worldwide, Welocalize maintains offices in the United States, UK, Germany, Ireland, Japan and China.

LocLeaders London: that's a wrap

What a fantastic week in London. Not only was it one of the highest attended LocWorld conferences, it was our best LocLeaders Forum to date.

We’ve pulled together insights, nuggets of information and ideas shared at the events inLocLeaders London: That’s a wrap! If you attended this year, thank you for your participation. It was a truly transparent and enlightening day with our clients, vendors + translators.

If you were not able to join us, enjoy this wrap up from the week’s events. We’ll continue our LocLeaders Forum tradition at LocWorld Silicon Valley, October 9 – 11.

We will see you there!

LocLeaders London: that’s a wrap

What a fantastic week in London. Not only was it one of the highest attended LocWorld conferences, it was our best LocLeaders Forum to date.

We’ve pulled together insights, nuggets of information and ideas shared at the events inLocLeaders London: That’s a wrap! If you attended this year, thank you for your participation. It was a truly transparent and enlightening day with our clients, vendors + translators.

If you were not able to join us, enjoy this wrap up from the week’s events. We’ll continue our LocLeaders Forum tradition at LocWorld Silicon Valley, October 9 – 11.

We will see you there!

Anna N Schlegel Director, Globalization Programs @ NetApp Inc.

Evacuations, Colleagues and MT.

LOTS of exciting things happened at this year’s LocWorld  & the( Welocalize) LocLeaders Forum. The week of June 10th was a very busy one in London for the localization industry.

The best? Meeting my colleagues… The worst? Being evacuated by a false fire alarm from the hotel at midnight on my last night . Saw some of my colleagues in pjs!


As I only attend LocWorld every couple of years, my favourite thing to do is to meet with my esteemed globalization counterparts at HP, DELL, Autodesk, Cisco, TripAdvisor, Nike, Ralph Lauren and talk shop.

One of my favorite days was the Welocalize LocLeaders forum. I got to hear from a small, close group of top globalizers. That’s networking and learning at its best. The setting was fabulous, the conversations were open and we learned from each other. Leading one of the sessions on the topic of centralizing localization and the NetApp GPSO stimulated some great discussion.

WeLocalize conference, London, June 2013

For my time in London, I was interested in hearing about: social media, MT advances and QA levels. This was the buzz….

On social media… A large majority of non-English speakers are posting more of their social media (Facebook, Twitter) in their local language.  Social media is growing rapidly outside of the U.S. (the share of non-English data being shared is growing more rapidly than English).  I was surprised that Asians share more than Americans.

For companies wanting to keep tabs on the “voice of the customer” by tracking social media, this presents a new [localization] challenge.  One possible solution for understanding what is being said is to use MT.


On MT…Attitudes toward MT are evolving.   Customers want information. They are NOT focusing on the beauty and quality of the translation.  Speed and efficiency are becoming the new standards.   The focus is on ensuring that the ideas, features, and benefits are clear. The use of MT is being expanded to forums, communities, lower level pages on digital forums and support knowledge bases. I think the key to making this work is having a good combination of MT and translation memory.

On Language Quality Assurance… Many leading companies are moving away from detailed reviews of everything and moving towards spot checks and exception management.  In some companies, the level of review is driven by the importance of the product.