Welocalize 2015 Language Services Buyer Survey

ThinkstockPhotos-487156365Feedback from the localization community is very important to Welocalize.  Engagement with our clients and the industry at large helps us define new solutions, find innovative approaches to solving client challenges and knowing what valuable expertise is of greatest interest to our buyers.

Welocalize recently asked companies spanning several different industries about the localization challenges they face and topics of interest related to language services.

There were six questions in the Welocalize 2015 Language Services Buyer Survey. The results are summarized below.

What key challenge motivates you to purchase translation services? The top three notable challenges identified by the survey respondents were increasing revenue, keeping up with the competition and (internal) client requirements.

We also inquired into the benefits companies have experienced as a result of translating contentOver 42% stated greater customer satisfaction was the biggest benefit. Higher SEO rankings along with increased website traffic and improved revenue were also noted as benefits.

We asked, what are your primary company objectives for 2015 – 2016? Almost half of the respondents chose revenue growth. Other options chosen were website localization, customer retention, improving profit margin and increasing brand awareness.

Our fourth question was what content do you currently translate? The results were varied showing diversity in content types across global organizations.  Web sites are the most popular form of content translated by respondents. Other types of content translated that were selected by buyers were audio and video (multimedia), documentation, legal content, mobile and apps, along with software.

When asked about language topics of interest, survey responses focused on four areas budgeting and cost, globalization and language technologies, followed by Industry best practices, Quality and return on investment also were mentioned with high interest.

The final question we asked in our Language Buyers Survey for 2015 was what is important to you when considering a localization provider? 20% of participants answered translation quality, 14% selected turnaround time, the number of languages and cost. Other options chosen were subject matter expertise, customer service, and streamlined processes.

The survey results also revealed that translation quality is of utmost importance to global organizations when it comes to choosing their language service providers.

For those that participated in the survey, thank you! We value your input and your feedback is very valuable to Welocalize. We will continue to listen and inquire with language buyers to learn what is most important.  It is our intent to use this type of feedback as focus on exceeding our client’s expectations in quality, customer service, global teamwork, and innovation.

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