A Summer Internship with Welocalize

How an Internship Can Take You a Step Closer to Your Career by Joel Anthony

My name is Joel Anthony and I am currently a senior majoring in Mass Communications at Shepherd University. As a senior student, I believe that finding an internship is one of the toughest challenges in college. My goal for the summer 2013 was to find an internship where I would receive valuable training and gain knowledge that would help me professionally when I graduate from school.

After researching the field of study and pursuing internships that best suit my interests, I received a response to one of my many applications. Sometimes when you least expect something, that’s usually when you encounter something great. Welocalize presented an opportunity to join a company that was “doing things differently.”

I began my work with the HR team at Welocalize and soon realized that there was a need for a Marketing and Public Relations Intern. Just my luck! I seized the moment. After inquiring about this position, the HR team and the Marketing Director worked together to offer me an opportunity where I could utilize my education and gain experience in my area of interest. This perfectly aligned with my goal. I was seeking enough experience to determine if mass communications was a good career choice for me.

As an intern working with the Marketing Team leadership, I realized that there is a lot more to marketing and PR than I first expected. I was assigned to work on multiple research projects. I had responsibility for examining Welocalize’s market position, social media trends, award and promotion programs and general language service provider analysis.

I liked learning about social media’s impact on a business and how followers on Twitter or likes on Facebook make a difference on how clients or people view a company. The conversations that happen online can spark the engagement process and help develop long-term relations. I was able to see the marketing process in action, in real-time.

As an intern, it was very helpful to communicate directly with our Global Senior Marketing Director for first-hand references and guidance. She pointed me in the right direction on what she needed from the research so that I could complete the project on time with the information that would help the company. Every time I had a question, the Marketing Team was there to provide me with direct assistance. They helped me gain the experience I was looking for in an internship.

This internship gave me great insights about my field of study and career possibilities. I feel like I have enough experience in mass communications that interests me now and makes me want to learn more. I want to also thank the Welocalize HR Team for their support and direction. Welocalize is a great company and I would definitely recommend it to both clients and future college interns.