You Spin Me Right Round Localization, Translation, Automation, Quality, Oh My!

by Jamie Glass, Sr Director Global Marketing at Welocalize

Driving Return on Content LocLeaders 2013As hundreds gathered in Silicon Valley for “all things localized”, it was evident to this first-time events attendee this was a very busy intersection where marketers, linguists and heads of globalization came to learn, assess and continue discussing industry changes and hot topics.

As a prelude to the LocWorld conference, we hosted our exclusive LocLeaders 2013 Forum to gain valuable insights first hand from key decision-makers.  Our central topic for LocLeaders focused on driving return on content (ROC). As some refer to it, solving the “how to get more value for our spend” challenge.  We carried this theme over to Localization World and set the stage to invite others in on the discussion about ROC.

How do you get people talking about return on content? My initial observation was you needed good food and comfortable seating.  Add an interesting movie, checkered flags, some delicious energy snacks and water bottles. Now mix in a host of who’s who in localization and that guarantees a non-stop conversation for several days.

Club Auto Sport in San Jose was the perfect venue for the get together for LocLeaders.  We sped through a variety of topics with market and industry experts focusing on current road blocks and ways to fast track results. At the top of the list, a high demand for insights and shared experiences in translation automation, quality standardization, integrated technology and “new approaches” to addressing the customary time, quality and price debate.

There were many themes that weaved their way into the conversations throughout LocLeaders and Localization World 2013 Conference in San Jose.  Supporting the theme to drive greater return on content, Welocalize introduced weimpact at LocLeaders and later at Localization World. We showcased our innovative approach to eliminate the “one-size-fits-all” translation service methodology which no longer serves 21st century localization requirements for most global companies.

Attendees of both events chatted with our Welocalize team members. Derek Coffey and Vincent Swan both addressed a consistent flow of questions about GlobalSight, current technologies and trends.  Our resident MT expert Olga Beregovaya engaged in multiple deep conversations about growing demands for machine translation and quality improvements. Welocalize solution experts Erin Wynn, Tuyen Ho and Monique Nguyen had ongoing meetings to catch-up with our valued clients and learn how we can help future clients achieve their business goals. Clarissa Stewart unveiled our full-service westaffing solution.

I observed, listened, learned, socialized and took notes from the constant whirlwind of activities, surviving on plenty of well-planned energy snacks! I learned that global brands want flexible localization and translation solutions that address the voluminous content requirements in multiple formats in various languages, with considerations for improving speed, accuracy, and utility. No matter how spinning the conversation, we always ended on the same note – they simply want a better return on their content investments.

It is assuring to know that our weimpact solutions use a customer-centric approach to meet specific and variable localization objectives utilizing real-time business intelligence. It’s a proven way to achieve the greatest measurable success. You can learn more about what we previewed at LocLeaders and Localization World by visiting

We plan to continue the conversation about ROC.  If you missed the event or we did not get a chance to connect, please reach out. You can follow my updates here: @welocalizejamie.


You can read more insights from LocLeaders Forum Silicon Valley and Localization World 2013 by visiting