The Power of Smarketing in Localization

At our recent LocLeaders event in Dublin, I shared some of the globalization program approaches I have seen which have generated the most successful outcomes.  Welocalize is fortunate to work with many great companies and we have seen many different ways of tackling challenges.  Here is one the most successful approaches I have seen. “Smarketing”  […]

Welocalize Supports Entire Product Lifecycle with Nova Acquisition

Welocalize had been looking to get into the life sciences space for many years; however, we were very particular about the type of partner who would fit our culture and offer a robust platform for expanding in the space.  After nearly two years of getting to know one another, we are excited to combine forces […]

Localization Strategy Drives Adapt Worldwide Acquisition

Response to Our News: Welocalize Acquires Adapt Worldwide, A Multilingual Digital Marketing Agency What we have always wished for is coming to fruition.  Localization is being viewed as a strategic activity.  The first localization “project” I took on after we started the company nearly 20 years ago was exactly that, a project.  There was no strategic […]

How to Predict the Future

By Smith Yewell, Welocalize CEO The Welocalize LocLeaders Forum 2015: Game Changers in Silicon Valley was a big success. Attendance was at its highest level ever. Many industry leading companies were in the audience and the presentations throughout the day were insightful and thought-provoking. I kicked off the day with a presentation titled “How to Predict […]

Getting to Know Welocalize CEO Smith Yewell

A 10 Minute Interview with Smith Yewell, Welocalize CEO and Co-Founder As part of our Getting to Know Welocalize blog series, Smith provides a candid interview with Welocalize Communications Manager Louise Law. Here are his words. You founded Welocalize in 1997, what inspired you to set up the company? During my time in the U.S. […]

Welocalize Prioritizes Engagement, Logistics and Usability

We recently held another great LocLeaders Forum in Berlin.  I opened the forum with a discussion of the priorities upon which Welocalize is focusing: engagement, logistics and usability. The common refrain of faster, better, cheaper is often heard across our industry; however, practical answers on how to achieve these goals are sometimes hard to come by.  Here […]

The Future of the Localization Industry by Smith Yewell

The air is crisp and cold and the leaves are just about done falling here in Maryland. Fall 2014 was a busy conference season for Welocalize, and our LocLeaders Forum in Vancouver was the standout for me. We had a great turnout; great speakers and I think a lot of value gained by all from […]

Dating Websites, Black Boxes and Translation Quality

It’s all about the match. Most translation quality programs are focused on review cycles with some clients saying it represents 25% of their budget. Many translation workflows involve an unknown translator on the other side of a black box. It is the equivalent of a blind date and then a counseling session to explain why […]

Top 3 Disruptive Localization Trends for 2014

By Smith Yewell, CEO Welocalize As we all forge ahead in 2014, I wanted to share with you some disruptive trends that I think will seriously influence the localization industry and affect our year. As CEO and Founder of Welocalize, I live and breathe localization. Last year, I spoke a lot about how we are […]