Highlights from LocLeaders and LocWorld 2017 Barcelona

Knowledge Sharing, Networking and Global Teamwork in Barcelona One of the busiest weeks in the localization industry diary is officially over and what an amazing week it was! Localization professionals and global business leaders flocked to both Welocalize LocLeaders Forum and LocWorld in Barcelona, Spain to take part in the latest industry discussions and network […]

Welocalize Best Practices for Successful Software Localization

Welocalize works with many of the world’s leading technology and innovation brands such as Dell, F-Secure and NetApp. We support the entire software localization journey from research and development, patent and trademark application through to social media, digital go-to market strategies and online customer support. Over the years we’ve accumulated some of the best software […]

5 Defining Moments from Welocalize LocLeaders London 2017

Welocalize recently held its first LocLeaders Forum event in London, welcoming localization, global business, content and marketing professionals from all over Europe. The theme was ‘Scaling to Meet Global Needs’ and the venue was the suitably glamorous BAFTA 195 building in the heart of London’s West End. Smith Yewell, Welocalize CEO opened the evening and […]

The Culturalization of Global Content: Translation and SEO

When Two Worlds Collide by Huw Aveston and Andrea Barp, Adapt Worldwide In today’s global and digital economy, visibility is crucial for success, on a local, national and global scale. This process of localization consists of three parts: translation, culturalization and visibility optimization. Content must be readable, targeted, accessible and searchable. This is where nuanced […]

Inspirations from Women in Localization Event New York 2017

Welocalize and Park IP Translations, a Welocalize company, recently hosted the Women in Localization (WIL) event at our company offices in New York. The event attracted over 100 attendees and provided a great discussion and networking forum for participants all at different stages of their globalization and localization careers. The event was organized by the […]

Grow your Localization Program without Losing the Local Touch

LocLeaders Forum 2017 London – Scaling to Meet Global Needs Celia Plowright is Localization Operations Manager at IG. Celia is taking part as a guest panellist at the upcoming Welocalize LocLeaders Forum London 2017 on Thursday, May 18. The theme of the event is “Scaling to Meet Global Needs” and expert discussions will be led […]

10 Reasons Why Welocalize LocLeaders Forums are so Popular

As we gear up for a busy events season in the globalization and localization industry, many global business leaders will be assessing the right conferences to attend, juggling work commitments and managing travel budgets. Each year, Welocalize holds a number of exclusive LocLeaders Forums, which take place all over the world and welcome global brand […]

Welocalize Checklist for Successful Website + E-Commerce Localization

Website and e-commerce content is one of the most valuable marketing and brand assets for global organizations. Developing multiple language versions is challenging as every website contains a range of content and branded materials that must all be accurately targeted for local audiences. Website localization is not simply a case of translating text. Every element […]

Context Information is Vital in Software Localization

Software development is all about agility. There are no longer any lengthy production cycles that allow time for error, redevelopment and redelivery. Software updates and releases are now smaller, more frequent, driven at a rate that meets the expectations of today’s global users. Lower brand loyalty and attention spans mean technology organizations have to work […]

How Banks Stay On-Brand in Multiple Languages

Welocalize and Slator.com, the leading newswire focusing on news and analysis on the global language service and technology market recently published an article, How Banks Stay On-Brand in Multiple Languages. The piece discusses localization and translation in the global banking and financial services industry (FSI) and drawing on real-life case studies, considers the complexities faced […]