A Refresh on MT Post-Editing

galaThe Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) recently asked machine translation expert Olga Beregovaya, Vice President of Language Tools and Automation at Welocalize, to be the organization’s GALAxy Guest Editor. In the GALAxy Newsletter Q4 2014, Olga provides a fresh perspective on a number of MT trends and hot topics in the feature, Letter from the Guest Editor: MT Post-editing — A Fresh Perspective.

Why did GALA choose Olga to edit this issue?  Olga is a regarded language services advisor who works with multinational organizations in MT and post-editing strategies and implementations.  As the Guest Editor, she was charged with the task of selecting the most relevant topics and contributors, while working closely with the GALAxy editorial team to produce a high-impact edition of the popular newsletter for Q4 2014. The latest issue shines light on the current trends, opportunities and challenges in MT post-editing, as well as the impact it has on the future of the translation and localization industry.

Olga Beregovaya“When I was offered the role of Guest Editor for this issue of GALAxy Newsletter, I knew immediately who I would want to reach out to for their insights and what aspects of this exciting new field I would want the issue to cover,” said Olga Beregovaya. “The process was a great experience and the GALA editorial team are fantastic. I hope the readers get as much out of this issue of the GALAxy newsletter as I have in my role as editor.”

Here’s a quick summary of the lead articles and authors that were included in the publication:

If you are considering machine translation or would like to talk about any of the topics raised in the GALAxy newsletter, reach out to Olga at Olga.Beregovaya@welocalize.com.

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