Ready. Set. Release. GlobalSight 8.5 is Here

GlobalSight 8.5, our new version, is now ready to be released to the community after thorough testing on our servers.

Ready. Here is how we prepared for the new release. First we play with the new features. Then we test them to see if they do what we want. We try to, and often succeed, in breaking them. Then we get our developers to put them back together in a much more applicable or sturdy way. When we are finally happy with their performance, we send out to everybody else to test, set our launch date and release our new version. Simple!

Set. Testing gives time to see if we missed anything important and also the opportunity to further improve the features.  The result of this testing period is that we end up with the most robust new features and we are able to fix any bugs that we identify between releases.

What is the focus of GlobalSight 8.5?

Release. There are so many things that we can do and, so little time to actually do them. With so much determination to get there no matter what, we need to direct all of our energy on the new or improved features that provide the biggest impact on our users in each release.

First, we focused on the integration between GlobalSight and a much needed offline editor: OmegaT. We believe our collaboration with OmegaT will provide a strong, fully compatible editor that translators can use when working with GlobalSight translation kits. OmegaT is an editor with the same core values as GlobalSight: open source, easy to use and constantly evolving and improving. A perfect match, don’t you think?

We have also added more flexible configuration options for Machine Translation users.  You can now decide which MT engine to use for each language in a few clicks, in which projects and so on, all depending on your requirements. What’s not to like?

GlobalSight 8.5 is enabling us to reach new people that otherwise we might never connect with and who we believe can help us create an even bigger, better community!

Author Genara Rodriguez, Applications Deployment Manager, welocalize