vice president, technology solutions

Olga Beregovaya is Vice President of Technology Solutions. She is a recognized industry expert in automation, machine translation and innovating translation with language tools.

With 20 years of experience in localization, globalization and language technology development and implementation she is a notable expert helping global brands define the best language service solutions. She has a master’s degree in linguistics from Saint Petersburg State University (Russia) and another master’s in linguistics from UC Berkeley.

Olga has held several management and executive positions both on the vendor side and the client side, including managing a team of linguists at Autodesk, prior to her role as CEO of PROMT Americas, a US division of PROMT. Olga’s areas of expertise and special interest are advancing machine translation (MT), NLP, integration of MT systems with other translation and content management systems, and customized enterprise MT deployments to optimize performance.

Olga is very active in the translation and localization industry and a frequent presenter at Localization World, TAUS, AMTA and GALA conferences. She is instrumental in defining how solutions that maximize return on content and evangelizing everything weMT!