new globalsight release integrates machine translation

Open-source TMS strives for interoperability and ease-of-use

Frederick, Maryland USA – July 21, 2009 – Welocalize takes the first step towards integrating machine translation functionality into GlobalSight, the open-source Translation Management System (TMS), with its latest 7.1.5 release. Global organizations are looking for an innovative pricing and technology model to support the management and execution of high-volume translation across a growing number of language sets. By leveraging machine translation capability through a powerful and extensible enterprise-level TMS, GlobalSight users achieve greater productivity at an affordable price.

The GlobalSight 7.1.5 release—available for download on or —includes four new features and a myriad of enhancements. This includes the ability for GlobalSight users to incorporate machine translation (MT), combining the benefits of translation memory and MT. Users will have the option of using MT for segments that fall below a pre-defined threshold when creating jobs in GlobalSight. Once a job is imported into GlobalSight, it is first leveraged against the translation memory to identify matches with previously translated content. With this feature all segments that fall below a certain match criteria can be processed using machine translation. This provides a flexible approach for processing high-volume translation that is cost-efficient and maintains the integrity of the translation memory.

The release also includes new features that increase the functionality of the GlobalSight Desktop Icon, a thin-client application that sits on top of GlobalSight and helps streamline the job creation process. The first enhances CVS (Concurrent Versioning System) support by allowing users to dynamically map CVS modules from the Desktop Icon, further automating the use of CVS as an integrated content repository. This helps project managers keep track of changes and push files through GlobalSight based on specific criteria without stepping outside of the application. Another added feature of the GlobalSight Desktop Icon allows users to manage workload and schedule by separating large projects into smaller ones so they can advance priority items quickly through the workflow. This automated process can be configured based on either the number or size of files for a given project.

“The value of any TMS, whether open-source or proprietary, depends on its extensibility and integration-potential with other vital technologies and systems,” explains Gary Prioste, Vice President of Technology at Welocalize. “With the multitude of intelligent applications in the cloud today, it is imperative that they connect to and complement one another. Welocalize strives for global interoperability for GlobalSight by introducing additional web services and integration points with other valuable technologies. We have taken a big step towards full MT integration and we will continue in this direction.”

About GlobalSight

GlobalSight is a collaborative, open source initiative to develop a flexible and sustainable Translation Management System (TMS) that leverages the best ideas and addresses the true needs of the industry. In this non-captive community, participants are free to discuss, discover and build upon a translation process automation tool that provides choice and flexibility—and can be shared by all.

The direction and development of the GlobalSight Open Source Initiative is dictated by community members. For more information and to join the community, please visit

About Welocalize

Welocalize offers integrated globalization services for the fluid and rapid deployment of enterprise content and applications to international markets. In response to unique customer needs, we provide globalization consulting, translation, localization and testing solutions that manage risk, improve repeatability and ensure transfer of knowledge from project to project.

Our clients include Autodesk, Inc.; Canon; Cisco Systems; Computer Associates; IBM; Microsoft; Sun; Symantec and Xerox. With over 400 employees worldwide, Welocalize maintains 9 offices in the United States, Germany, Ireland, Japan and China . Please visit for more information.

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