Natural Language Processing in Global Digital Content. Is BERT a game changer?

This 45-minute webinar will give a comprehensive guide to BERT and the role it plays in natural language processing (NLP) and localization programs, focusing on the positive impact both technologies can have on overall digital content performance in multiple language markets. One in ten online searches in the US now have BERT applied to them.

What you can expect:

Welcome & Introduction, Steve Maule, Global Customer Success, Welocalize

What exactly is BERT and what role does it play in NLP and machine translation? Natasha Latysheva, Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Welocalize

How does NLP and BERT impact digital content performance and how can I measure it? Gurdeep Gola, Managing Director, Adapt Worldwide, a Welocalize company

Live Q&A

Key Topics

  • Introduction to BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers)
  • Understanding language structure and meaning as part of Google’s search algorithm
  • Improving machine translation (MT) programs with NLP to increase impact of multilingual SEO and digital campaigns
  • How to deliver more targeted content and search results to global audiences

Meet the speakers

Gurdeep Gola, Managing Director, Adapt Worldwide, a Welocalize company

Gurdeep has over 12 years’ experience managing creative digital agencies and developing international strategies across SEO, PPC, programmatic and paid media. As managing director of Adapt Worldwide, Welocalize’s multilingual digital marketing agency, he is at the forefront of driving digital campaigns for global brands.

Natasha Laysheva, Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Welocalize

Natasha is a member of the Natural Language Processing team at Welocalize. She has previously worked as a data scientist in the video gaming industry and has a PhD in computational biology from Cambridge University.

Steve Maule, Global Customer Success, Welocalize

With over 10 years’ experience in the localization and language services industry, Steve has in-depth knowledge of how to achieve global success with content transformation solutions. He works with many leading brands to ensure their multilingual strategy creates maximum impact and return.

Attendee Feedback

‘Excellent event with inspiring and thought-provoking conversations!’

Gwen, Dell Technologies

Attendee Feedback

‘I learned a lot about performance analytics for multilingual digital content.’

Fabiënne, Awin

Attendee Feedback

‘Expert insights on AI, NLP, and automation in localization.’

Anna, IKEA