Multimedia Localization

Helping global brands maximize their investment in multimedia and e-learning to reach international audiences in 250+ languages through a range of expert-led services.

  • 5000+ hrs
    E-Learning Content Annually
  • 2500+ hrs
    Subtitles Annually

    1500+ hrs
    Video Localized Annually
  • 25
    Audio Engineers

    Recording Booths Globally
  • 150
    Audio Testers

    Voice Talents

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  • Welocalize Multimedia Localization Services:

  • Full Service Video & Audio Localization

    We support your video and audio needs for any audience in any language. Our team of experts have many years of industry experience and will manage all parts of productions from start to finish.

  • End-to-End E-Learning

    To help your e-learning programs span multiple languages and cultures, we can partner with you to develop training and education programs for global workforces, customers, and partners. Offering both localization and development of e-learning courseware, our team are experts in the processes and technologies to help you train, educate, and motivate global workforces, customers, and partners.

  • Transcription

    Gain accurate text from your video and audio. With transcription and translation, you can develop subtitles to reach wider audiences. We can produce high quality, written materials from source video and audio files.

  • Voice Over

    With teams in the US, South America, Europe, and Asia, we offer Voice Over (VO) services, including script preparation and translation, VO recording and sync to ensure you get the message across as it was originally intended.

  • Text to Speech

    A cost-effective alternative to recording studios and voice talents for voice-over projects. Welocalize offers customization of voices to achieve the most natural result.

  • Subtitling

    Our expert teams work with multiple multimedia file types, embedding subtitling as stand-alone videos or providing files for closed captioning.

  • On-Screen Text

    Our in-house engineers can localize on-screen text in over 250 languages and work with advanced video editing tools to adapt source files.

Transforming Multimedia + E-Learning Content

Trusted by Brands to Deliver Results

81% of businesses are now using video as a part of their digital marketing strategy.

“Consider localization from the outset. Consider the possibilities of text expansion (Russian takes up 40% more space than English), how subtitles may fit, whether motion graphics can easily have text edited, and how a voice over can be easily synched to the source material.”

Michael Anderson, Senior Multimedia Engineer, Welocalize

97% of marketers claim that videos help their customers better understand products.​

  • Leveraging Industry Leading Tools

    Experts in the processes, tools, and technologies from Adobe, TechSmith, Articulate, and others that are used by global brands to create a multimedia customer experience.

  • Follow the Sun Support

    In-house teams and global supply chain span multiple time zones.
    We manage the complex and multi-layered workflows required to localize multimedia content successfully and accurately, no matter the hour.

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