Language Services at Global Scale

Global brands require a range of language services to operate and communicate effectively across different markets, cultures and contexts.

When expanding into a new market, a business may need to translate and localize its products’ user interfaces (UI), technical manuals, website and mobile content, advertising campaigns, service level agreements, sales training, employee communications, and much more.

Welocalize begins by understanding your language requirements and desired business outcomes. We then align our services and solutions to deliver at global scale, service consistency, market speed, and business value.

Our global operations comply with the quality standards and controls in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 17100 certifications.

Global Professional Services

Translation + Localization

Our professional translation and localization services support over 525 language combinations. Through a rigorous recruitment process and ongoing training, our network of 30,000 linguists, reviewers and subject matter experts (SME) ensure capacity for volume and speed. Our language professionals are in-country, native speakers with certified experience or advanced degrees in linguistics.

Translators are also qualified for the necessary domain expertise, such as mechanical engineering for technical documentation or SEO for website translation. From software localization to printed marketing collateral, our project managers secure and streamline processes so your project has the right linguistic talent to deliver accurate and locally relevant translations on time and within budget.

Interactive Content + Training

Multimedia + E-learning

In today’s digital world, content goes beyond text and print. Multimedia content includes audio, graphics, videos, animations and interactive content. Enterprises also rely on e-learning courseware with audio and video to train, educate and motivate a global workforce, international partners, and digitally-connected consumers.

Translating and localizing multimedia and global e-learning courses require specialization in language, technology platforms, and post-production processes.

Welocalize offers a full suite of linguistic, technical and production services to create and manage digital assets, voice-overs, transcription, dubbing, and subtitling. Our localization engineers work with a wide variety of content publishing tools and learning management systems (LMS).

As multimedia projects are complex and multi-faceted, a dedicated project manager ensures the right resources are aligned across the production and testing lifecycles to meet quality standards and delivery timelines.

UX-Driven QA Resource Staffing

Testing + Data Validation

Enterprises today are launching products into new markets faster across multiple channels, driven by cloud computing models and the mobile revolution.

Linguistic testing and data validation are a critical part of ensuring that the user experience (UX) is optimized across local markets. A focus on UX requires going beyond translation accuracy and into full feature adaptation of the product across international users.

Localization quality assurance (QA) testing solutions range from functional and linguistic software UI testing to content and data validation across multiple platforms and devices, including mobile, browsers, virtual, desktop and servers. While there are established testing options available, few service providers are able to provide multilingual testers in secured facilities with comprehensive tools for automation.

Welocalize specializes in providing off-site testing services in our world-class facilities in Portland, Oregon, and Jinan, China. Welocalize also offers full-service global staffing and recruiting solutions to enable many of the Forbes Top 10 technology companies to create flexible staffing solutions for their own global testing facilities.

Any Size Meeting Anywhere


Engaging in global business often requires interpreting services from one-on-one or small group meetings to large-scale events and conferences.

Welocalize interpreting services provide certified, professional interpreters with technical and subject matter expertise to enable organizations to communicate effectively in over 200 languages. Various business settings may require on-demand interpretation by phone or onsite face-to-face interpreting. With a simple account setup, companies can access on-demand phone interpretation or over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) 24/7/365.

Whether for legal meetings including depositions and court services or for business conferences or employee remote training, a Welocalize project manager works closely with you to schedule onsite-interpreters with the relevant subject matter expertise so that your business communications are effectively delivered. Our interpreters are of the highest level of professionalism and are prepared with the necessary equipment suitable for each business engagement.


Our Global Impact

In-Country Linguists
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Source: Common Sense Advisory 2018
Customer Centric

Engagement Model

Whether a project is three weeks or eight months long, Welocalize program team members approach each engagement with a focus on customer requirements and business outcomes.

Your success is our success.


A Customer First Approach Creates Collaboration

  • Unified, accessible knowledge base
  • Scalable, flexible processes
  • Integrated workflows across systems
  • Continual optimization guided by clear KPIs
  • Joint problem solving and accountability

A Defined Team Structure Creates Transparency

  • Customer success team aligned to client requirements
  • Agenda-driven meetings track progress and resolution
  • Open communication builds trust and accountability
  • Clear objectives and planning mitigates risks