Welocalize Teaminology for Multilingual Crowdsourcing and Terminology Management

AlexYanishevsky2013Alex Yanishevsky, Senior Manager of Solutions Architects on the Technology Solutions team at Welocalize, has been enhancing the technology that powers Welocalize’s Teaminology solution. In this blog, he writes about the importance of consistent terminology and shares his latest updates on the Teaminology solution process.

Harnessing the power of a global, multilingual crowd has become a prominent growth area over the past years in the localization and translation industry. A lot of investment has been made into crowdsourcing technology and it is increasingly used by leading global brands, with the overriding objective to make branded content consistent and understandable to a wider audience.

Welocalize Teaminology™ is a crowdsourcing management platform designed to leverage the knowledge of experts within set communities. The Welocalize solution brings a community or ‘crowd’ of subject matter experts together to collaboratively participate in terminology translation decision-making.

Terminology holds an unusual and peculiar place in the localization world. Virtually everyone in the globalization supply chain readily admits that agreed and consistent terminology is very important, from translators and reviewers completing the localization work, all the way up to executives and C-Suite level decision-makers who drive the strategic business objectives.  Consistent terminology leads to better linguistic quality, less costly rework, faster time to market and most importantly, maintains brand integrity.

Despite all the valid reasons above, the truth remains: few global enterprises have a robust terminology management system that successfully maintains consistency for all brands, products and services in all locales. Many enterprises do not have a position dedicated to terminology management position and typically there is little budget allocated to term mining and term-base maintenance, when compared to other localization activities. Consequently, terminology maintenance, if it is performed tends to be ad-hoc and is often represented in a spreadsheet where each respondent often ends up generating numerous emails and spreadsheet versions, with participants in conflict when signing off on the final decision.

This is the landscape Welocalize faced when we first created Teaminology, an online terminology management tool used by translators, linguistic leads and subject matter expert respondents. Our goal was to allow each user in the crowd and term decision workflow to do what they do best, in an intuitive online environment and in the most efficient manner.

In the workflow shown below, the process commences when the Linguist Lead introduces new terms, which can even include supplemental information such as images and forbidden alternatives, into the platform and sends an invitation to the subject matter expert (SME) to offer a response. The SME accepts the invitation and logs into the platform.

Welocalize Teaminology Workflow

The SME often does this review work voluntarily and typically, during non-work hours. To address this, we purposely created a GUI, as shown in the screenshot below, to make their work in the platform and their choices straightforward: accept the suggestion, offer an alternative or reject the offer to participate.

Teaminology Screenshot Example

In contrast, the Linguist Lead has an expanded view, so they can judge the SME answers based on the accuracy of their response as well as their historical reliability. Once the term is finalized, every user of the platform can see the approved version, which ensures adherence to the term base. In the case of linguists, they can use the platform as reference to see how related languages handled the translation. For example, a Spanish linguist can see how their Italian counterpart handled the term. They compare the term translation to the translation memory translation via a simultaneous search and then download the term base as open standard TBX to use in their desired CAT environment. The Community Manager can then run reports on community health and trends and see the history details of a particular term, including all edits for all term fields.

Teaminology Datatsheet 2-16_Page_1Teaminology is a comprehensive terminology solution, which provides an online, centralized terminology platform that dramatically reduces localization errors and ensures improved content governance and consistency. It also provides tracking and reporting to highlight significant changes and to give insights should members of the SME crowd change.

Harnessing the power of an identified crowd of SMEs and providing an easy-to-use technology application to maintain the term base enables any organization to manage a terminology portfolio for multilingual brands and products.  Messaging and content is accurate, consistent and truly represented in all language markets.



Based in Boston, USA, Alex Yanishevsky is Senior Manager of Solutions Architects on the Technology Solutions team at Welocalize.

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