What Matters Most: Time, Cost or Quality?

Published in the December 2013 issue of MultiLingual Magazine

Not All Content is Created EqualHistorically, the most frequent response to the time, cost or quality question has been a resounding “all of the above,” knowing that one would win out and the other two would be sacrificed to meet a deadline. Times are changing. Not all content is created equal.

Empowering Language Service Buyers

Buyers must be empowered to achieve their business objectives, required budgets, deadlines and standards. For some buyers, content types including (UGC) and community-driven content do not require the same rigorous quality assurance process and post-editing. To add to the complexity, quality is often uniquely defined by each buyer. What may be minimum quality for one company could be declared as “good enough” for another.

Welocalize market research found global organizations are willing to pay for quality and accuracy of tone, voice and register when brand voice is paramount. If speed matters most, quality will not be as high of a consideration. Buyers want solutions that are scalable based on content type, accuracy, productivity and time-to-market.

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