LocWorld First-Timer: Top Three Observations from LocWorld Silicon Valley

By Monique Nguyen, Business Development Director, San Mateo

monique and clarissa at locworld 2013I recently attended the Localization World Silicon Valley conference. It was my first time at LocWorld and I found it to be right on the mark, not too big, not too small, not too boring! I thought I would share my top three observations:

#1 – People walked in each other’s shoes. The variety of topics and companies giving the presentation talk tracks allowed both vendors and buyers to see things from both perspective. This I found to be very useful. Language Service Providers need to fully understand the challenges buyers of language services are facing. The buyers are needing more flexibility and agility in the localization supply chain.

#2 – Translation Automation. Tools! I sat in a lot of sessions where there was a great deal of discussion around tools to help automate the translation process. This included highlights of the various tools available for the different models of centralization or decentralization. Larger organizations tend to outsource versus using an in-house model and quite often need to manage multiple (LSP) vendors. This provided good discussion material for questions like, how do you select your (LSP) vendor? What are best practices for managing multiple vendors?

#3 – So much content! Where to prioritize? There’s more content then ever flowing rapidly through the translation workflow but the projects are smaller in size. The turnaround time now for projects is hours not weeks. Different content types present different complexities. More words, same budget. Buyers of language services must do a thorough analysis of their markets and content to prioritize where to invest in localization. Different content has a different impact on the brand and business so we need different pricing models and quality levels depending on content type. Localization vendors must offer greater flexibility.

We’re really excited to help our clients close out 2013 and plan for 2014. It is our mission to help our clients identify the most productive way to meet demands while elevating the level of sophistication for quality and technology, achieving more with less.


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