LocLeaders Berlin – An Interesting and Insightful Experience

By Swati Narwal, Business Support Specialist, Translations, IKEA

swati_ikeaThe Welocalize LocLeaders Forum event in Berlin was the first time I have attended a Welocalize event and it was an interesting and insightful experience. Very well organized and thought-through event.

At the event, I met people from different organizations, all working in the area of localization and it gave me an opportunity to network, learn and find more from their wide experience. Even though we all came from different industries and streams, we share a lot of similar challenges like, for example, achieving quality of translations, how to measure and review quality, managing in-country reviews, how to handle change management process and elevating the importance of the localization function.

The panel discussion, which took place in the afternoon, was a stimulating open forum where we could talk about similar concerns that we are all facing. For example, which approach is best – centralized or decentralized localization? What are the challenges and opportunities in both approaches? Each panelist shared insights from their own experience and everyone in the audience was able to contribute to the conversations and actively take part in the lively discussions.

As we are embarking on the journey of finding the right structure and approach for localization activities at IKEA, it is really important to understand all the jigsaw puzzle pieces of this world of localization. At IKEA, we have been localizing for decades and every translation is great quality – IKEA is a well-known brand and global success. We must continue to learn and there are still some questions left unanswered, for example, ownership and structure of the localization function, raising the profile of the localization team, quality measurement with objectivity and the most effective and efficient way to apply the translation budget.

We didn’t answer all these questions at the LocLeaders session, but the discussion certainly made me aware of different possibilities, approaches and structures of different organizations in a wide variety of industries. My role is to apply that knowledge and find the right fit which suits our unique way of working at IKEA.

LocLeader Logo on blkThe highlight of this year’s LocLeaders for me was the “Building your Sphere of Influence” session, led by global networking expert, Molly Wendell. It was a really fun and interesting workshop where we learned the art of networking in playful way and refreshed some of our business skills. I tried those simple tricks on flight back home and they actually worked very well!

I am really looking forward to attending my next Locleaders event.


Swati Narwal, Business Support Specialist, Translations, IKEA